Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Kon: Endin' Black Zero

BZ had beaten down entire Legacy team, and zapped some purple haired dude. away with with his hypertime wrist thingie I use my telescopic vision to see Kara rallying the Titans good she won't be here for what I got in store for BZ.

He sees me of course. And we do the usual bad guy good guy banter. He clotheslines me and I try to fight back. Not so well since he's as Strong as Superman, and has TTK. He's pretty much me if I grew up like in the clone tank to full adulthood, and became a douchebag instead of my lovable cuddly self.

I kept trying to get the thing out of the box but he kept punching me before I could get my hand into my pocket than he slammed me on the ground over and over with his TK finally he just blasted me with his HV for good measure.

" You know Superboy you should have Waited for your little team to recover. With the beating I've taken from this bunch of kids, and Bruce Briefs they might actually stand a chance of beating me. "

Arrogant prick. Wait Briefs? Oh don't tell me the HU water has struck again. He picks me up and grabs the box out of my pocket. hi start scrambling away. this is going to be bad. First I wanna see how stupid he is. " No BZ! Don't open that ! It's my secret weapon!"

He shakes his head. " Kryptonite I bet. yeah the kiddies tried that. it hurt me but it didn't kill me."

Well. Ok This is a big risk , but I gotta do it. I use my TTK to upset his footing. he falls on the lead box knocking it open the lead shields me I fly off a safe distance just in case.

Black Zero stares at the k rock. " Yellow? You came here with Yellow Kryptonite? What'sit supposed to do? Meh it didn't do anything The moment he closes the lid I speed by him and take the rock away I think he's finally noticed I went by hi to fast for him to see.

" Wait? What did you do?" he tries using his TTK. He finds he can't or fly or use heatvision or anything.

" Sorry BZ That wasn't yellow K It was Gold K. " I grin. "It takes away your powers for good."

This is why Supes doesn't want me or Kara messin' with it. After being exposed ya just can't absorb solar energy anymore. He starts freakin' out screaming trying to get his powers to work. Kinda pathetic really.

Outta nowhere, this portal opens up and purple haired kid is back. " You think I hadn't learned about your Hypertime tech Black Zero? I have devices that can.... wait what happened to your power level?"

" Well pal, I just made sure he'd never be a threat again. " I gloat a little.

Purple haired man smirks . " Now you'll pay for crimes you bastard!"

I speed in front of him and tried to stop him this guy is fast, and fights like I dunno , he maybe better than Vegeta, and Goku." then he took a good long look at me.

" Uncle Conner?"

" Woah! Wait a minute uncle?" How dis I get to be an uncle of a guy that looks like a saiyan. And how can I be an uncle? I ain't got any siblings. Well maybe Match but he's a bizzaro now.

He smirks. " Not by blood , but your one of my mom's oldest friends. " I

" Dude. My oldest friends ain't old enough to have a kid as old you."

He pats me on the shoulder " Time travel. You would sneak me video games, candy , and DVDS though mom wanted to train all the time."

Oh God I think I get it. I point at the ko'd Vince, and Cass Cain. " Your theirs?"

" Yes. Don't tell them though. I'm going to learn all I can from my grandpa David before I go back if I do."

" Wait David? As in David Cain?" But he doesn't answer me. " So you want to let this sicko live?"

" Yeah he's committed a lot of crimes beatin' up the Titans kidnapping me, and Spoiler. Beating up these guys, and then tryin' to kill Cass and Vince. Pus the whole world conquering thing. Yeah he'll be behind bars a long time. "

He thinks it over for a second. " And he can't get his powers back?"

" Nope." I reassure.

Then the kid teleports off in that Goku way. Vince rubs his head, and walks up to me. " Was that Trunks with Dad hair?"

" I'll have to get you a cigar. Vince. Bubble gum alright?" I smile.

" You are so damn weird. " He retorts.

So it ended up bein' a pretty good day I tried to Ravager to give me the money on the bet That Vince , and Cass Cain Wouldn't last the year together, alternate future kids kinda prove that wrong. She took it on on handcuffed Black Zero, By kickin' him in the crotch.

So Now BZ in in a nice comfy cell with no powers. And me? Well God of War two is callin ' my name. I can't believe this game is as awesome as the first one.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Looks like the hero took care of the Zero.

Optimus Prime said...

You may be brash and young and buck athourity, Superboy, but you do get the job done.

Red Hood said...

You should have let future boy kill him.

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