Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fight with the Super Skrull

Well Next Top Hero is going pretty well. I was looking at the ratings when I hear the JLA distress signal.

Seems the Watchtower was being attacked by skrulls. When I arrive They do some kind of strange gesture. and a blast hits me. Oddly it hurts. Magic. Unfortunately for them it was only enough to annoy me.

I knock out several of them. While the rest run away. They were luring me into a trap. I might as well oblige them to see what they have in store for me, and that is the Super Skrull, who was fighting Wonder Woman, and Hawkman.

" Your late Kal." Diana Smiles.

" The Flash can't be the only constantly late. " I shrug.

" Quiet!" Superskrull shouts.

" I'd have to agree." Hawkman grumbles.

So Your the Kryptonian everyone has told me of." The Skrull sneers looking me up and down. " You don't look like anything."

" And you look like like you've been pretty much beaten by Diana." I observe.

" Don't insult me! I am a warrior born!" he raves trapping himself around me with Mr. Fantastic's power. I spin around at super speed, After wards the Super Skrull looks greener than usual . " You Can't defeat .. whoa give me a second. " He's trying not to lose his lunch while I try to not be amused by this.

After he recovers he punches me "Feel the power of the Thing!"

" Thanks I had an itch on my chin. " I grin.

" What are you Spider-man now?" He says more to himself than to me while smashing me with invisible fore fields.

" What I can't crack a joke once in a while ? "

I try to grab him before he starts using Johnny Storm's fire power. Fire in a satellite is never a good thing.He used his Nova Blast I tried my best to contain the damage. But it knocks even me back.

" Now prepare to die!" The alien brags. I know I have to end this now. So I stop playing around.

Oh Rao, I stole a line from Hudson, and didn't realize it. After knocking out the Super Skrull. The others vanish yelling threats though one caught my attention, "Trigon is coming."

If half of what Nightwing has described about Raven's father is true , then this is cause for concern. After helping to repair the Watchtower, I return home for what I hoped would be a romantic evening with Lois. So of course Ma has to call me

" Clark, come quick It's Conner!"

What has he done now?

I fly to Smallville and Ma looks concerned while Pa just shakes his head. " Martha this is really nothing to concern Clark with."

Uh- Oh. Did Ma find those magazines he keeps under his mattress?

" You need to watch this video Clark!" Ma flashes it in my face then puts in in the VCR. I keep thinking " Please don't let Kon be in a porn movie."

But fortunately it's just this.

Ma looks disgusted. " Wrestling, he's taken up wrestling!"

I'm still trying to figure out how he got Wonder girl to go into that with him. But besides that I don't really care. " It's his life If he wants to wrestle for a hobby I don't see anything wrong with it. "

Pa gives a smug look . " And everyone in it has powers so he ain't gonna hurt anyone."

" I can't believe this!" Ma shouts your just going to let him make a fool of himself?"

" Well if I can host a reality show, Why can't Conner pretend to beat up people in a soap opera? "

" I have problems with that too Clark, bur your a grown man. So your not going to do anything?"

" No. I see no problem with him having some fun. "

She rolls her eyes. Me I'm just glad it wasn't something much worse, and with Conner well it could have been a lot worse.


Anonymous said...

WOW you mom is harsh

Justice said...

I couldn't watch the video is there an age limit

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I don't think being beaten up by Wonder Woman is really an insult. She's strong and a warrior born. Plus she's got that golden lasso, she could tie me up in it anytime. Rrrrow!

Superman said...

HS: Not really though she is easily embarrased.

Justice.. No. That's just weird.

Jon: Superskrull is a chauvinist. As for your other comments, I hAve to agree, though don't tell Lois.