Friday, January 11, 2008

100 Posts!

That's right the last post on my blog was the 100th. Though it was one of Kon's. Like a lot of posts on this blog, well he tends to have more time on his hands. Actually he's kind of lazy.

I told many of my friends and family the news and this is their response.

Lois: “That’s great, dear. Now help me get Chris off the ceiling."

Chris: "Sugar Puffs together with Mountain Dew are awesome yay! I'm going to give some to Damien!"

Batman: “Clark I really don't... Why is Damien all jittery?"

Kon-El: "Sweet are we gonna have a party? I'll bring the al... I mean soda. "

The Superboy clone of Conner :"Sweet are we gonna have a party? I'll bring the al... I mean soda. "

Supergirl: " I'll care about that when I figure out what my origin is! Was my dad a mad scientist that was obsessed with space phantoms? Did I kill my mother? Or was Dad some kind of Kryptonian park ranger who was nice and my mom a scientists?
Did I actually kill a whole bunch of my class mates? Or was I the popular girl in the schools? I don't know!"

Powergirl: “I know how you feel Kara. Oh and that's nice about the blob thing Superman."

Me: " Blog."

Powergirl: "Whatever."

Hal Jordan:"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh wait you're serious? Jeez I guess life really is over after you're married. I mean, Um good job!"

John Stewart: "Superman you have time to blog?"

Hawkman: "Raaar! " (Begins breaking things for some reason.)

Aquaman: " The power to talk to fish is very useful! I am not a poor man's Namor! Love me !Respect me!"

Me: (Backs away slowly.)

Vegeta: "Hmph Whatever Kal-El. I'm close to 500 posts, underachiever."

Son Goku: “I’m hungry."

Ma: “Congratulations Clark! Now if you can help May parker Get Spider-man out of her house, and help him get him a job that would be great."

Pa:" What's a blog? Never mind that Clark. There are fields that need plowing I can't stand here jawin' all day. Unless you want to help that would be great. "

Me: "Already done Pa!"

Pa: "Now about my tractor..."

Well that's it I would have put more but it looks like Pa is going to have me do chores all day. Sigh it's like I'm sixteen again.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Hey, happy 100th. Uh, lessee, (rumages through pockets) I got you some breath mints, here.

Professor Xavier said...

That is quite the mile-stone. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

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