Monday, January 21, 2008

Superboy's clone: Dating

Cassie called me the other day and asked Vella and I would like to double date with her and Kon. “You know... What do I call you anyway? Well any way Conner doesn't like you much. "

I shrug Yeah he's been a jerk about the name thing he promised to be Superboy red then turns around and calls him self Kon-El, When I call my self Superboy he runs around yellin' he's the one and only Superboy."

“Well don't worry about it we'll get you two talking SB, Conner's just mad at Cadmus and taking it out on you. But we'll get it though his thick head you're like brothers or something. "

“Okay thanks Cass. " Next second I feel my powers go out, and I start coughing like crazy. What the hell is going on it's getting worse. Well I met Vel, and Cassie where they asked me to meet them, The Metropolis Arena. It's some kind of Metahuman Wrestling federation. Vella and Cassie were sitting in the front row.

Kon was no where to be seen. I tried to talk to Vel, but she was way into the wrestling maybe a little too much. What little I remember of saiyans before my ... I mean Kon's death is that they love fighting. Apparently even fake fighting.

That and Vella, and Cassie kept whispering to each other about how hot some of the wrestlers were. Yeah this is what you wanna hear on a date. Then all the sudden some dude who has a skull face.

He keeps yelling about how the Television Champion is a wimp, and will not put up his championship. All the sudden the Teen Titans theme song comes up over the speakers then it changes to Some song about how Evolution is a mystery, and lines in the sand.

" Uh -oh he changed his the theme song Tim's not going to like that. " Cassie moaned.

Vella shrugged. “Does he even care? It's not like Kon hasn't done worse."

" Kon?" I ask and yup it's him running out into the wrestling ring and playing to the crowd.

He wrestled the match pretty well, I mean very well, and when I fought him a while back he fought very differently he had skills, not just punching and kicking, I bet all that training from Robin every time he gets in trouble has actually made him a pretty good fighter.

After he won the match, we all go back stage Kon and Skull guy are acting friendly. Not like in the ring. " Yeah and when ya get this belt We'll have a big rivalry goin' put some butts in the seats It's gonna be awesome."

Cassie interrupts him." You were great out there, babe. ready for dinner."

" Yup. Hey Vella what're you doing here?" He looks over at me. “Oh great."

Dinner was strained the girls were chatting about stuff while Kon Glared at me . Finally I shout. “Hey! It’s not my fault I was cloned!"

“Yeah whatever pal But Vella? I know what' you're thinkin' of doing with her, And If you hurt her in anyway, there can be only one got me?"

“What ya gotta thing for her?" I ask.

“Nope she's my friend, and I don't want you hurtin' her is all. Meh I'm not hungry anymore let's go Cassie."

Well the rest of the night, Me and Vella played at an arcade in the mall and wandered around it until they closed. Then I took her back to the Legacy house.

“Want to come come in?"

“Are ya sure that's a good idea?" I ask.

“Yes, I really like you."

Well I have to say what happened next was great, I mean she was really wild, but she seemed to know what she was doing Which I was lead to believe she wouldn't. Then she mumbled something In her sleep that made it all too clear a name "Jason."

She's been with Jason Todd? I as fallin' for her and that Bastard just had to change his mind, and Go after her when she was interested in me. I'm going to put him in the grave again. Screw what Batman thinks. He lets this mad dog run around without a leash, Well he's about to be put down.

I get up, and leave Vella's Room I see what I think it’s Vegeta, I'm cared for a second, and what the hell is he doing here? Then I notice the dude is younger, and taller, he grabs me by the throat.

“What the Hell did you do with my sister Kon?" Sister? She has a brother the same age as her?

" I'm not Kon..." I barley squeak out before he starts hitting me, them my, or I mean Kon's ex Cassandra Cain, The Spoiler, some kid that looks like a young Tony Stark, Slobo. and Bart's clone Inertia, all pull this kid offa me.

“Vincent no!" Batgirl orders.

“But Cass he..."

“No!" I know that Cass Cain stare way to well. I leave so they can all settle down . Besides I gotta psycho former Robin to beat down.

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