Thursday, January 03, 2008

Kon: The one and only Superboy

So I was sitting in my room at Kent Farm. When Cassie sorta barges in. “Aren’t you looking for Justice?"

" Her Dad says She's on Draclon or Dracclcon. Well some planet with the name Dracula in it. "

“Halloweeny." I respond. “So what's up with you? Didja miss me? Or is it something else?"

“You know I have telling when you lie down to a science by now."

“Huh?" What did I do this time? Okay I put superglue onto Jericho’s chair... And I changed Beastboy's shampoo with blue hair dye, but they won't leave my Maxims alone. Besides that I can't think of anything I've done lately.

“You acted all okay with that clone of yourself, and your obviously not.”

“How would you be if people you thought were friends made didn't trust you, and made a whole new you?"

"And you should tell them that instead of sulking in here. It's not the clone's fault. "

" Yeah yeah whatever. I'm goin' but not to Cadmus."

“Then where are you going?"

“To blow off a little steam.”

I fly around Metropolis until finally I find Loophole and a gang of losers robbin' a bank.

Loophole is this guy that invented a wrist thingie that lets him walk through walls like Kitty Pryde. Unlike Kitty Pryde, he's not very good at it, and he's ugly not a hot babe.

" Well if it ain't my ol' buddy ." I grin. “We both know about how this will go you'll be lame I'll be awesome and you'll go back to jail so surrender 'kay?"

" Superboy my old enemy!"

“Well your not really part of my rouge's gallery. Your kinda an annoyance I inherited from Superman."

“That is if you’re the real Superboy, “Loop hole laughs. “There have been rumors you aren't.”

I shrug “At least there ain't a cyborg, a dude with weird glasses, an armored version, and a toddler all claimin' to be me."

I knock out all his thugs and he tries to escape. He phases through this statue I heat vision the thingy and he ends up stuck in it. The statue was of some dead superhero from world war two a girl super hero.

His head was solidified on top of the statue the rest of him was of him was stuck inside. " Geez Loopie ya could have waited until later to get in touch with your feminine side."

“Bad jokes, and delight in humiliating me ... it is you isn't it?" He spits.

“Yup Kon-El the one and only Superboy. Accept no substitutes. Legal limits apply not available in all states, your experience may vary, do not feed after midnight."

“Shut up! Shut up! Just take me back to prison to now! At least there I can get away from you."

" You may want me to TTK you outta the statue ya really don't want me to turn you in lookin' like that I mean you don't want that kinda popularity in the joint, ya get what I'm sayin?"

“Sigh. I hate you." He groans.

After takin' him to the police station I see on the news that my clone has been beaten by the Hobgoblin. The Hobgoblin? A dude that ripped off the Green Goblin beating someone wearing the S? He should be ashamed I think I'll go and take down Hobby to show everyone who's the real steel deal.

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Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

He got beaten by the Hobgoblin?

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