Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kon: Trainin' with Blue beetle

She told Supergirl she doesn’t want her as a friend anymore, and just told her to leave her alone forever. Gah! I have to live around Kara, and my girlfriend pulls a bad move like this. Oh yeah dinner at the Kents is gonna be real fun.

Any way I was flying by were Titans Tower used to be and saw Beetle just sitting there staring at the hole. I get him and take him to the Batcave blindfolded because I ain't sure Jaime knows about Batman's other identity.

And of course when we get there Robin is crabby. “You brought him here, But what about..."

" He was blindfolded dude. Don’t get your Bat panties in a bunch. "

He makes a growling noise. " Conner Batman is not going to like this. Besides you can't talk about panties Captain Codpiece."

" I had a codpiece in one costume get over it dude. Wait why did you even look there?"

“You looked like you wore a big red diaper we all laughed at you."

“Which is why I wear the jeans now." I shrug " We've all had bad costume choices so really none of us can talk."

“My costume is cool." Miss Martian smiles.

" Anyway Conner " Robin starts at me again. " You need to think before you act."

“Like you?" I ask.


" And ya don't think that maybe telling a girl that wants to break up with you that you two have to stay together to stop the bad future from coming is thinking a bit too much?"

His eyes go wide. " Cass told you that?"


He turns read and storms off. " Wait don't go I dunno how to Turn Bats' trainer on!" I shout but he's already out.

“Well this doesn't look very complicated." I say to myself. As I look at the computer.

Beetle gives me this odd look. “Are you sure you know what you're doing Kon?"

“Hey ya need trainin' am I right? Well this turns on the holo-training thing Bats has. I... think."

Miss Martian interrupts. “I um don't think that's the trainer. "

“Of course it is." I start pushing buttons. This noise goes all through the cave but not from the holo-trainer. All the suddent this thing that looks like a big metal donut starts glowing at the center and these things start jumping out of it.

A bunch land on my face.

" Aaah! What are they?"

“I don't know but they all just keep coming." Beetle shouts. “They’re all over the place!"

“They’re sooo cute can I keep them?" Megan squeals.

" I just hope Bats don't know about this.!" I answer. As if on cue he comes outta the a door with these weird things all over him. he pushes me out of the way and turns off the metal donut. “Do not touch the dimensional portal! Now gather up all of these rodents, so we can send them back to where they came from. "

" But... There’s gotta be a least a hundred of 'em." I protest. .

“Then you better get started. or did you forget you're Superboy? Also Beetle Martian girl help him."

“We didn't do it. "Beetle whines.

“And you didn't stop him." Batman answers. And he leaves the room after shaking off all the creatures.

Sigh looks like I better get started.

Meanwhile Van-El stares at a modern art Statue in West City Park. “Man it looks like. " It looks like a robot made out of scrap metal, man when is Vella gettin' here?"

" of course a philistine like you wouldn't be able to appreciate the artist expression of his pain. " a voice behind Van states.

“Dude mind you're own.... Match!

“Yes" he lands a devatating right hook that sends Van across the park.

“I heard, cough cough! That You were turned into a Bizarro!" Van spits out.

Match smiles. “My stupid days are a thing of the past,now I think there are three too many Superboy clones, And in the end there will be only one me.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Fraggles rock.

Get it?

Justice said...

hey they almost look like Norn

Kon-El said...

Jon: heh.

Justice : yeah kinda