Thursday, August 24, 2006

Honey I shrunk the Kryptonians.

Me and Kon ( mostly me) have been investigating the missing citiesFree Image Hosting - , and yes. It was defiantly Brainiac. He has a strange compulsion to shrink cities and put them into bottles. He did this with the Kryptonian City of Kandor.

I now have the city inside my Fortress. One day I'll have to analyze to capture some of his Shrinking technology. Then I'll grow the city back to it's full size on some Krypton like world. The problem with that is Kandor had some other alien species inside.

The Kryptonians have adopted me as some kind of god, , They also segregate and oppress the other species in my name. Another problem I'll have to get to. I tracked down the alien sociopath by using my microscopic vision to follow his energy trail.

The trail was degrading but we found it. A tractor beam pulled us in. " Ah Kal_ El we meet again all of me." It was true their was Multiple Brainiacs. He's never tried this trick before.

" Hey look at that one! " laughs Kon. " He's wearing a pink shirt , with teeny tiny shorts. Hahahahahahaha!"
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Brainiac laughs a cold Mechanical laugh. " You Shouldn't be surprised, that I have taken advantage of my cruel semblance of life, since your the one that sentenced me to this Hell."

" All I've done . Was keep you from taking over The Infant Clark Ross' body , and turning him into a Dooms day, like host body for you!"

Again Kon burst out in laughter again. " He's wearing goofy clothes!"

" Conner! Stop laughing at them and watch out for attacks!" then one of them shrunk us down. Another grabbed us and threw us into a bottle with a simulated Red Sun environment.

" Guess I messed up huh?" Said Kon.

I'm not mad but By Rao his mistake could have just left us trapped inside a bottle for the rest of out lives , ok I'm a little mad.


Anonymous said...

hes a bit immature isnt he

Superman said...

Yes he is

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Some of the towns around where I am could do with being put away in bottles.

Kon-El said...

Vampi, and Clark : Hey!