Saturday, August 12, 2006

Party at Titans Tower!

Kal forced me to back to the Teen Titans. Man these new guys are weird. A devil kid and Deathstroke's daughter? I've heard about some others that have come and gone since I was "away." I girl martian ? A dude version of Zatana? So weird .

Oh well The Titans had a party to celebrate my new lease on life. Well someone brought some beer. I'm not saying who it was , but he 's fast enough to get it without anyone noticing. Well we got a little wild. First off we redecorated the tower.

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It seemed like a good idea at the time. At some point Bart Wanted to show me how bad the X-3 game was . Wow that game sucked, even buzzed. Not sure what I did to Bart to deserve playing this game , but I'm not doing that again.

I'm a little fuzzy on what happened next but somehow, this happened .

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I guess me and Cassie are back together. I wonder why Robin didn't try to stop this ( not that he could ) He disappeared at some point. I wonder where he went? Free Image Hosting -

The next morning I woke with a huge headache there was beer cans everywhere. I look at out my window and see. Free Image Hosting -

Uh-oh! Busted!


Local Henchmen 432 said...

You are in trouble.

Vegeta said...

now i would be proud, but yeah Kal-El is going to have a problem with that

Legolas said...

Otters aren't awesome, they're Ottsome.