Sunday, August 06, 2006

I hope Vegeta's happy now .

So he beat me. I'm really not too worried about it. Though Lois thinks it's going to make all my enemies come out of the wood work to challenge me. Of course she says this while proofreading the story about my loss.

" Did you have to hold back against him Clark ? Now Super villains are going to see you as weak."

" That's just the thing I didn't hold back . After hearing about Goku's fight with Darkseid I knew Vegeta could survive my full power."

" Are you saying that angry little troll has somehow matched your strength?"

" It's not out of the realm of possibility. I've fought others that have matched or exceeded my powers before. What I'm worried about is that his children or Goku or his kids will want a rematch. "

" What is with these saiyans any way Clark? "

" Well from what little I know of them They're always looking for a fight. They supposedly get stronger after each battle."

" Whatever, as long as that Napoleon wannabe will leave you alone now oh yes did you see the picture of you he put up on his blog?"

" The one where I have a head that looks like a football? That was probably drawn by one of his fans."

" The fact that psycho has fans bothers me ."

" Well Lois Not everyone can take pictures like Jimmy or that kid I met a few years back. Peter Parker. Remember that one he snapped of me fighting the Hulk With Spider-man."

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I remember that didn't Dr Doom enrage the Hulk to Free the Parasite?"

" Yes it was part of his plan to to destroy the worlds fuel supplies and make the planet dependent on him for energy. "

Lois finished her story. And emailed it Perry. We spent the rest of the day together, well until An Alien invasion cut our time short. I'd just like to say to Vegeta it was a good fight , and hopefully next time we can team up against a threat. I also hope your over your animosity towards me .


Professor Xavier said...

Those Sayians are an angry, angry bunch.

TX said...


hostile17 said...

How come the Superman family doesn't unite to squelch the latest threat to the universe? Intercompany politics be dammned!!