Monday, October 02, 2006

It's been a hard last few days

When the sun went out , My powers went with them. Though it took a few days. Kara has been able to keep her powers thanks to Shield, and the uv lamps they have there. Even though I haven't been at full strength., I've been trying to save as many as I could from the vampires, and demons that have been attacking lately.

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everywhere I go , I've been getting this Reminder of the unpleasantness That the Registration Act, has wrought upon us all.Free Image Hosting -

But when the sun was restored, I forgot all about that , as my powers were restored. I received a message from Vampirella . She had asked me to take to this rock into the sun. I oblidged. Free Image Hosting -

As I threw the rock in, I felt the last of my strength return. I Returned to Metropolis, I Had felt so good that I failed to notice this person, who flew into me at the Daily Planet.

" Your under arrest by the authority of Shield. Kryptonian. I really hope you try to resist."Free Image Hosting - Who or what in Krypton's name is this person?


The Grim Reaper said...

be careful with that one

Superman said...

Oh I will