Monday, October 02, 2006

Goten's Fiance 'has gotten him in trouble

OK Working with SHIELD hasn't really been all bad. I can register , a lot of guys just by batting my eyes at them. Thogh I can't Find that hot Nightwing. It seems you can only find him when he wants to be found.
I've been working alongside Goten. He's pretty nice but a little shy. The problem is all the other SHIELD agents made fun of him. Though all those messed up missions were the fault , of Wonder man.
I've been his friend while he was here, which was why I was shocked that he betrayed SHIELD and helped Vegeta escape. Yet I know why he did it. He just happens to be engaged to Vegeta's daughter. Free Image Hosting -
I know that bitch has convinced, probably with sex, that he should fight along side her father. The problem is he's going to lose, and his entire family are going to prison, for a long time. I don't want poor Goten to go with, I'll have to talk to him, see if I can't get him to go back to SHIELD.

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Superman said...

Kara I think you need to find someone your own age and not taken