Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Meme.

Hi all. It's me again Kon-El. Aka Superboy . Well a ship hit the Earth last week and there's a freakin' baby in it. Now I don't know why , but it seems like there is some kind of baby boom in the HU.

First Vampirella has a kid with apparently a whole bunch of spirit thingies, kinky. Now vegeta, and Bulma have another two. Jeez dude, Keep it in your pants every once in a while. I mean let's count how many kids the dude has.

Trunks, Mirai Trunks , Bra (call me.) Cain Reaper these new twins I mean just because the saiyan race is nearly extinct, doesn't mean you have to repopulate the race yourself.

Let Goku cut the some of the slack. Or Gohan, Though I see why Gohan doesn't want anymore, I mean after makin' that annoyin' kid Pan I would stop too. Heh. Ok back on track here.

Supes is wanting to adopt this kid from the ship. And he has like super strength and stuff. Here's the kicker he speaks Kryptonian. I smell a trap. But hey no one ever listens too me.

But if this keeps up The HU will need like a day care center for a Justice Leauge of tots or somethin'.There maybe somethin' in the water at HU I think I'll avoid it. I'm too young to be a dad. Bein' a big brother now is weird enough.

Oh yeah Fade? Sure I'll make the party. Maybe my cousin Kara can meet a good boyfriend, And not Capitan Boomerang Jr. Or whatever he's called. And her obsession with Nightwing ain't helpin'.

Ok check this out. I young this Meme over at this cool site Dave's Longbox You put this pic, and make up your own caption about what Guy Gardener is sayin' here's mine.

" Hey Scott! Your wife was hot in the latest Playhero issue."


Fade said...

Glad to see ya will make it to me party. Just do na' say anything like that about Pan again.

Vegeta said...

Why Not Fade? Kon's right she is annoying.

Son Pan said...

Vegeta!!!! I hate you and Kon Both! Arrrrgh!

cooltopten said...

Hi , cool blog !! did you draw them pics. very cool.

Anonymous said...

remind me to keep HS away from you

Kon-El said...

Fade: make me

Veg: heh.

Pan : go whine somwhere else!

Cooltopten : no. Though I can draw some I'm a little Self concious about posting them

Vampi: Why I'm a loveble scamp?