Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Savin My one dad from my other dad. ( man am I screwed up!)

Well I saw Kal fight Brolly. Several times I tried to help him but those two flew so freakin' fast. I finally caught up in Metro Square The saiyan was knocked down. But Lex The guy that basically had me created, and I have some of his DNA inside me. Was Killing Superman.

I Yell "Hey Stop!" Luthor turns on me.

" Kon? My son? You live?" he runs up to me and grabs me in a bear hug. Oh man creepy old bald guy with bad breathe hugging me . I'm going to have nightmares for weeks.

Lucky he did get this close to me though. Since I used my Tactile TK to disassemble his suit. Boo yah! Man I've been hagnin' around Cyborg too long.

He seemed shocked at this don't know why the only reason he created me was a weapon against Supes, Not like he's actually You know been a dad. If anyone has It would be Clark. I knock Lex out with my pinkie finger.

Then freako Brolly. Gets up Lookin' like something Krypto dragged in once. Free Image Hosting -

" Hey boy! Get away from my quarry!" He kind of wheezes out.

" yeah you can barely stand and your gonna fight me ?" I laugh. " I don't think so dude."

" Fine I will go to Heal, then I will Arrest The henchman, then I will come back for you!"

" You do that, and next time don't forget your damned shirt!"

I flew Pop, I mean Clark back to his Fortess of Solitude. I know the sun will heal him eventually. I mean he didn't get poisoned by Green K that much. At least I hope not.

Anyway. I can't just leave him laying on the streets where some goof ball will kill him. So I put him in this Sun lamp thing and hope he'll come out of it. While sitting there I hear this girly voice in my head.

" You've a bad boy Conner - Kon."

What the? I mean usually when I hear a female voice. sayin' I've been bad that turns into a good thing. But not when you can't see who's saiyn' it. Have I lost my mind?

I scan the place with X- ray Vision. Nope nothing so weird. Then she appears. " You boys didn't register, now you need to be punished for your crimes. Now don't be silly and try to fight back be a good boy, and surrender."

Ok This can't be my mind, I mean there is no way my subconscious would create someone that talks like that. Then the answer appears in front of me a Martian girl?

Free Image Hosting -

" Woah!" I shout because I'm like totally surprised.

" TEE HEE!" She answers . " Now Sorry for the trick, But how about we not do anything foolish, and you surrender ok? It would be so swell if I didn't have to fight a fellow Teen Titan."

You have gotta be kiddin' me here.


Fade said...

Good luck... ya be not the only person having problems with the ladies...

Kon-El said...

Thanks dude.