Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The war' s over and we're still fightin'

Ok Miss Martian as she calls her self, keeps smacking me into Supes' trophies. evreytime I tried to hit her, she'd fade out , then blast me with the Martian Vision.

For some reason I wasn't able to think straight. And she kept sayin' stuff like "your being bad you need to think about what your doing."

Shut up! I swing wildly and she phases through my TK field, and through my chest then she slightly solidifies hurtin' me. She then lands a right hook in my jaw, slammin' me next to The Phantom Zone Projector.

I try to use it on her an' She starts knocking stuff at me with Martian Breathe.

" It's so peachy keen" she blabbers. " I thought I was in for a fight with Super boy, since y'know Superman is known for his powers, and being the best hero on Earth."

Ok this po'ed me . I may not be Superman yet. But I'm gonna let her know Superboy ain't easy pickings. I put my hands on the floor and use my tactile Tk to toss the stuff she knocked on the floor. onto her.

I then made the stuff tighten around her with a thought. Then the stuff explodes, and White Martian comes out, this girl Is a white Martian?

" Ok Now you've been very bad!" That girlie voice coming from a monster freaked me out. She choke slammed me through the floor I barely missed the Bottle City of Kandor. And landed into the intergalactic zoo.

I am so lucky I didn't land into animal cages. Why does Kal keep all this weird stuff in his fortess? Oh well. The white thing nearly crashes into me. I think how much better I liked her in her green girl form.

Then she does something weird, she blushes. Really beginning to have doubts about her really being a white Martian. I mean I 've fought these things before, and well they totally evil. They don't you know , blush about something natural like sex.

Well since she got that reaction I let her in to my thoughts. I let her into to all the dirty little things I'd like to have done to her when I first saw her. Hey I gotta a good imagination what can I say.

She turns back into her green chick form which made the thoughts a lot easier. She was all like " Ew ! Ew! Ew! Wait is that even possible? Ew Your sick!"

She got out of my mind. Good. Now I can think. Oh man! I could have beaten her right off. She has a weakness to fire. I have heat vision. She'd been usin' telepathy to make sure I wouldn't use it.

I give her a zap of it she screams and collapses. " That's what ya get when you mess with the S!" I yell triumphantly. I then do the DX chop. " Don't underestimate The Boy of Steel Beeyoitch!"

The air changes next to me, and Superman flies up behind me . " Um oops " I say. hhehe I um didn't mean...."

" Don't worry about it Kon." he reassures." You were just excited, You did good Though you destroyed half the fortess in doing so. So how did you beat her telepathy? "

Oh man I can't tell the man I see as a father that I just perversed her to defeat. Luckily an alram interrupted us. It was the thing that scanned the news for things We should know about.

A news caster Cat Grant I think. says " This just in The registration Act has been repealed reasons for it....."

Repealed? That means it's over right?" I ask.

" Yes Conner." he smiled . " The war is over." A voice behind us giggles. " Well that's good I didn't want to fight you anyway. Oh and Conner call me."

Oh man! Like I'm not enough hot water with Cassie as it is. Then Clark just stares at me. " Well, I suppose Clark Kent should cover the story of the century, and Conner Kent, needs to get back to School."



TX said...

Man of steel? You know Titanium is stronger and then there is the metal Wolverine has for a skeleton.. even my alloy is better...

Perhaps you should request an upgrade

*Magneto whispers*

Metaphore? So he isn a Steel Man?

Fade said...

Awesome Kon, wanna come to my party?