Friday, February 16, 2007

To free Kandor Pt1

I've heard a rumour that I didn't want to believe. That Kara left the City of Kandor at the mercy of Saturn Queen, and Ultraman , An Evil Universe duplicate of myself. Worse was that the idea, that she sold out Kandor for information on how to get back to Argo City.

While I don't remember all that much of Krypton, being an infant when it exploded. I know that Argo City is most likely dust now. I fly to Smallville to find Kon.

He's in his room talking to HS on his cell phone.

"Hey if it really is over just remember the saying… you know about getting back on the horse… Why don't we double date.." Kon stated…

"No, no, no… NO blind dates Kon.. I mean it… besides… Laura was….. I will talk at you later.." HS sighed.

Conner starts flying out of his window when he sees me . " Where are you going?" I ask.

He gulps " I was thinkin' of gonna see Laura, and tryin' to see why she's hatin' on my boy HS all of a sudden."

I shake my head where does he pick up this way of of speaking? " Conner what you have to understand is Wolverine , and X-23 both have been betrayed or hurt many times they find it hard to trust people. It would probably be better if you don't interfere, let them sort it out for themselves."

" Yeah..." he mumbled sheepishly. " So why're you not in the bright lights of Metropolis? Or in space or somewhere?"

" Kon. " I begin. " Your pretty close to Kara right?"

" I guess. Though Cassie is closer ,and hangs out at her apartment."

For a second I have to wonder which Cassie Cain, or Sandsmark. But considering tThe Last HU meeting I had to listen to Vegeta belly ache about his son dating Kara , and Ms. Cain I doubted they would be that close. So Wondergirl.

" You and Wondergirl date , has she told you about Kara's time in Kandor?"

Kon shifted uncomfortably. " Uh what about it?"

" Did she leave The city in the the control of two maniacs? , and Prevent Power girl from saving it?"

I hear his heart beating fast. " I'm um not supposed to say..."

" That's answer enough." I close my eyes and curse under my breathe. " Why has no one told me about this ? Karen, Cassie , or you?"

" Kara's kinda well messed up Kal. I mean you don't know about the stuff her dad did to her. I guess we just feel sorry for her."

" Come with me. " I order.

" OK" he squeaks.

" Have you done all of your homework?" I ask on the way.

" Yes." He answers.

" Good." I smile "Ma will turn it in and say your sick you may not be going to school for a few days."

" Huh? Why?"

" I'll explain on the way there. "

Later at the Fortress of Solitude..

I throw the colorful costume to Conner .

" Um. What's this ?" He questions.

" It's the Flamebird costume. " I say.

" As in the girl who annoys Nightwing?" Conner laughs.

" No as in one of the the Heroes of Kandor. Speaking of Nightwing, I'd like you to call me that while we are in the bottle city."

" Your kidding right?" Kon chuckles.

" No. Would you believe Richard Grayson took the name Nightwing, from an adventure in Kandor?"

" Ya know I just might. " He's still laughing. " OK what are we going to do with these monkey suits?"

" We 're going to save Kandor." I tell him.


Nightwing said...

I took that name and it has done me an awful lotta good. Flamebird however, well if Kon is in to that name. Then that's good for him.

cooltopten said...

good luck saving Kandor. hope the suite gives him the power he will need.

Kon-El said...

Night wing yeah no...

Cool It don't have any powers

Superman said...

Night Wing: I'm glad it's it's benefitted you Richard.

Cool Thank you.

Conner: You really don't seem to like the name flamebird do you?