Thursday, February 22, 2007

To free Kandor Pt 2

Man this sucks! I've been in the bottle city of Kandor for like ever. In here we can't use our powers because it's a Kryptonian like environment, and we.ll burn 'em out.

Ok So we have to use like weapons, and jet belts There's like no cable. and no video games well unless you count the constant speeches by Ultraman, on the Holo tubes as entertainin'.

Here the problem in a nut shell. Kandor has two kinds o people, Kryptonians, and those from other planets. Somehow after Kal got the Bottle City away from Brainiac, time sped forward in it , and they got the mistaken impression Kal was their god.

Saturn Queen , and Ultraman are usin' that to gain power. Saturn Queen is from the Legion of Supervillians in the 30th Century. She's a powerful Telepath, and has Ultraman in her thrall.

We've been fightin' their troops, And what's worse I'm dressed like this.

I'm the one in the dorky " Flame bird " costume. I look like robin only more girlie. Arrrgh! So what have we been doin' this whole time? Well we've been stoppin' Ultraman's thugs from opressin' the non K's.

Which was what we were doin.' When we got caught. Seems Ultramn, was just stagin' an alien wipe out to get to us Into a trap, like all his army showed up.

He grins at us in triumph after we're caught. " You two are not as attractive, as the last Nightwing, and Flamebird. But the Holy fires of Kal- El will cleanse you like it did them!"

Wow! a total liar. Kara, and Karen are alive , and well. In the next moment he burns Kal with Heat Vision, big mistake , as the Kryptonians all see the real Kal-El.

" I don't know how your keeping your powers here Ultraman !" Kal yells. " But I will stop this senseless slaughter! And i'll put an end to it now!"

Then it's on ! I dunno how long it'll take Kal to use up all his yellow sun reserves , but by that time Ultie will be beaten down. Weird thing though When Superman , called him "Ultraman he freaked out, and said " No I'm Kal-El..." Before he was punched in the jaw.

Itake off the flame bird out fit to reveal the Superboy one on underneath. And all the people are too confused to with The Ultraman Superman fight to notice.

" Hello Conner. " I hear from behind Oh No! Satrun Queen! She starts attackin' my mind. " So you've come here with my Prodigal son Kal-El"

" Son?" I ask " What are you talkin' about lady? His parent are Jor-El and Lara!"

And of course the Kents which I didn't say out loud.

" He didn't tell you of when me and the rest of of the Legion of Supervillians, had Travelled in time and raised kal and Little Bruce Wayne did he ? Then again since time was changed back he may not even remember it."

Oh Man! I hate time travel! it makes my head hurt almost as much As this chick here tearing my mind apart!

"Looks like my family will grow soon, as will my control Of Kandor when I telepathically gain control of you, and Superman along with Ultraman no will be able to stop me!"



cooltopten said...

man your head must be twisted up with all that time travel wierdness and that chick.stay strong..

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Here the problem in a nut shell. Kandor has two kinds o people, Kryptonians, and those from other planets.

Aren't we being speciesest today.

Nightwing said...

I think that Flamebird outfit really brings out your eyes Conner. HA! I'm sending that piture of you Flamey, to every hero in the world.

Anonymous said...

LMBO at Nightwing

Kon-El said...

Cool: Thaks.

Jon: Hey ! I'm not a specieist!

Night Wing: Do that and those pictures of you and Ravger Go to the authorities , I mean ya did know she was underage didn't ya?

HS: Traitor! I guess I have to seduce Laura now.