Monday, February 26, 2007

To free Kandor: finale

I fought Ultraman equally. Unfortunately I was using up my solar reserves. But so was he. Until he flew into a building and came out again reinvigorated. Anyone can assume his solar charge is coming from something in there.

Whatever the case he was now much stronger than I am. And I was getting progressively weaker. I had to do something. I look over to where Kon was fighting Saturn Queen he wasn't doing much better.

The troopers where beating him, while the villaness was trying to take over his mind. I have to end this quickly. I try to use what's left of my X-ray vision to locate where the device he uses to regain his powers. I don't do it fast enough. He punches me before I can focus on it.

OK. So It's time to improvise. I had brought a few weapons with me, since I knew I had to conserve my powers. I had a so called "flash bang " grenade in a compartment in my belt.

These little devices flash a bright light, and explode with a loud bang as the name suggests. They dazzle the senses, stunning a normal person, but someone with super senses it's excruciating, as I well know.

While Ultraman is stunned I leap up into the building. (Since I can no longer fly. I use the last of my superspeed,until I find gigantic yellow sun lamps. I activate them and begin to absorb the energy.

As I'm approaching full power, Ultraman, Busts through the wall. " get away from there you fake!" He shouts.

" From what this?" I say smashing the lamps.

" No!" He raves. " You don't know what you've done!"

" Yes I do!" I respond angrily. " I've ended your false godhood!" I throw a right right cross that knocks him away through the wall to the outside.

Meanwhile Kon Is losing his mental battle. " Submit!" Screams Saturn Queen. " Your mind is too weak to keep fighting!"

" Yeah. " He responds. " But , it still has it's little tricks, like Tactile Telekinesis." The ground they are both touching explodes underneath them. " That'll teach ya to underestimate me. Ya skank." Kon mutters before passing out.

At this moment, I'm just about to defeat Ultraman, when he grabs his head, and screams. " Owlman! What have you done?"

" Owlman isn't here." I answer.

A voice from the sky is about to make me a liar. " Actually I am, Superman. Too bad I had nothing to do with this though."

I turn to see the Crime Syndicate of America. Evil Universe versions of the Justice League. Owlman throws Ultraman a capsule inside is his costume. I steel myself for the inevitable battle, One I'm not likely to win.

Power Ring, has the the power Of Green Lantern, Johnny Quick, that of the Flash, Superwoman the powers of Wonder Woman , and Owl Man the intelligence of the Batman.

Instead of turning on me Ultraman asks. " Where have you been?"

"Hey! Without you around We got more profit." Jibes Power Ring.

" Yeah!" Johnny Quick butts in. " Besides it took us forever to find you in this bottle in Supes' little hideaway. "

Owl man Speaks up. " There's this sweet score in our Universe. That prick Vegeta, has went and gotten his back broke by this Universe's version. Then the Iron Man from here humiliated him, he's weak, and his empire is just ripe for the taking, but we need your power to help get past The robots in that place."

" Yes!" Ultraman answers. " I have a lot to pay that irrtating saiyan back for ! Let's go!"

" What about Superman?" Superwoman points at me.

" His kid did me a favor by freeing me from that telepathic whore, So I'll repay that by letting them live, for now." he leaps down and Grabs Saturun Queen. " Your coming with us "mother" I'm going to repay you back in spades for controlling me!"

Before I can do anything The Crime Syndicate dissapper with The Satrun Queen. Over the next few days I negotiated a peace between the non Kryptonians, and Kryptonians in Kandor. I also corrected thier belief as me as a god. Though I think the fact I bled in my fight with Ultraman helped.

The problem is the peace between the Kandorian factions is an uneasy one. I'll have to watch that situation closley over the time. I return home to find Lois missing, and the furniture was destroyed.

" Oh man Looks like Lex did this." Kon accuses.

" I don't think so." I answer.

" Why?" Kon counters.

" Because Lex knows how to spell his own name. " The sign on the wall we found was written "Lax Lugthor wuz hear."


cooltopten said...

*Lax Lugthor wuz hear* ahh very clever :)

Nightwing said...

Lax Lugthor Wuz Hear? This looks like a case for somebody smart, intelligent ANNDDDD beautiful. Like Angelina Jolie? It's nice to know you sorted out everything in Kandor, everything except Kara. Cause those pictures of her in revealing lingirie are kinda blocking my post box.

Nightwing said...

Oh and another thing, well several to be honest. You're just jealous that you never got to get with Rose. Oh, by the way you wouldn't mind checking up on Rob since your his best friend and all. He's been acting a *bit* strange. A bit worrying since he's leading the Titans.

Kon-El said...

Not like she hasn't offered.

sure I'll see about him.

Superman said...

Cool : I suppose.

Nigthtwing: I'll have to hve a talk with her about that.

Richard and Conner: Can't you two get along?