Thursday, February 08, 2007

I am who I say I am

So after me and chalk skin aka Match argue for a few minutes Robin ( who's been really stressed lately. And looks like he's been put through a spin cycle in a washing machine,) " Enough! All you teens just shut up!"

Ravager sneers " Oh like your so old Timmy boy."

MS Martian chimes in " Golly! How can we tell which is the real Conner?"

" Well." I say. I guess we should ask about somethin' only I know. Well only the real Kon would know. "

Robin asks " Do we really have to listen to more Bizzaro speak?" Right here is where a familiar car pulls up And HS pops out , apparently he was wanting to see me about something.

" Kon, My dad told me about this imposter! I came here as soon as I could! "

I notice Raven back away from HS some , then look away. " How did ya know where here an' not the Tower?" I ask.

" Grandpa and Sensei Goku taught me how to find Ki. "

Ravager laughs." How are you gonna to help us figure this one out?"

" Hs Says " I can see souls. Conner's not evil. If I Soulburn on him it would sting his finger or something. But this.... Thing." He glares " it's souls is pure black. It's pure evil."

Match freaks out. " Him no lie! Him no lie!" He then starts punching everyone in the way. He gets me really mad when he goes for Robin and Wondergirl.

I'm about to lay the smack down when he's set on fire. He flies off HS smiles weakly " told you he was pure evil."

So now that everyone pretty much thinks I am Kon-El we all go back to the tower. For some reason there's a Starbucks in my bedroom. So instead f talking while playing video games we sit at s table with coffee , oh yeah whoever has my X-box 360 I want it back!

HS tells me all about this new power he's gotten. From what I hear it sounds like persuasion. " Well we need to test it out." I say.

" I don't even know how to turn it on!" He protests.

" Yeah don't worry about it " I encourage. " It's just like when I get one of Superman's powers you just gotta play with it try to figure it out. I got some ideas on how to do that...."

Before I finish a table is thrown in my face. Cass Storms into the room tossin' more things at me. " How could you? With Cassandra Cain?"

" Batgirl?" I'm a little confused here. " I haven't seen her since we freed her from Deathstroke!"

Oh Yeah?" she screeches " Explain the pictures on Vegeta's blog!"

I go online, and find what's she's talkin' about. I start laughin' about it. " What's so funny?" Cass growls.

" Those pics are are about two years old!"

"Huh?" She can tell she still doesn't believe me.

" Ok before Young Justice broke up ,and we became the Titans, Cass Cain looked me up in Smallville. We had one date, we kissed then' I admit, but we decided just to be friends. This is before me and you got together. "

" I don't know..."

" Well if Cass was into me why would she be hanging around Capsule Corp?"

" You have a point..." Wonder-Cassie says. I look back at ths screen so Tim set up Bat-Cass and Vince Briefs huh? Well as long as it keeps that dork away from me more power to them!


Robin said...

Starbucks at the Tower? That's convenient. We really need to do something about Ravager and Miss Martian...particularly Ravager. What do you think about me electrocuting them with cattle prods? Or I electrocute myself.

Vince Briefs said...
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Vince Briefs said...

Hmph! how would you like to settle our problems at the nest budokai?

Anonymous said...

stop singing

Kid Flash said...

Is it tasty?
I don't think you can settle problems at food, I don't think there is a place called food and if there was you couldn't solver problems there Vince. I knew who the real Conner was the moment the chalky guy punched Robin and grabbed Wonder Girl.
Because I'm smart!!
Bart Louise, wait! I'm Kid Flash and even if there is a Bart Louise Allen he isn't me! NOR IS HIS MIDDLENAME LOUISE!

Nightwing said...

Maybe you should try and avoid women for a while. Now where is that pretty cousin of yours?

Kon-El said...

Rob: Well eltrocutin' your self won't do all that much good. As or Ravager , she might be into that go for it!

Vincent : what's a buddookey? And what's it have to do with a nest? And why do we have problems any way? Besides the whole Saiyan Kryptonian rilvalry thing?

Hs: Never !

Kid Flash; I dunno kinda sounds like one of those frilly things Cass wears when..... um never mind And I already know your name, Thanks for knowing I'm me though

Nightwing: probably in a power boy Vincnt Sand which, or havin weird crystal spiky things come outta her pores or somethin'