Friday, March 02, 2007

Another evil twin?

Whoever took Lois, left few clues. I used my vision powers and couldn't find any clue. I started searching Metropolis, I hear, Someone flying towards the city. He looks like me?

Not again. This soon after Ultraman. This version of me wears a swastika. Great. so He's a an even more twisted version of me , than even Ultraman. I follow him. He ends up at some lead paint factory, close to Suicide Slum.

When he goes into the door. Lois hits him from behind with a piece of machinery. Seems Wherever he'd been Nazi Superman he has had a beating from someone.

He fell to his knees. I fly up behind him. Lois Smiles " Just in time."

My doppelganger glares at me. Then punches me in the face.

He charges I dodge , and hit him in the back of the head. He goes down. Whoever defeated him, had weakened him.

" Did he hurt you?" I asked Lois.

" No he never had the chance. " She stares at him. " Is he another clone?"

" I won't know until I take him back to the Fortress."

" Oh no!" Lois shouts.

" What? " i I was hoping she wasn't hurt.

" I was supposed to interview the Governor today!Perry will have my head! "

I laugh shaking my head. At least you still have your head. "

" So it looks like your going to be taking another sick day at the Planet. " She tsks.

I smile "Looks like." We kiss before I take my look alike to the Fortress.

After analysing him the computers say he isn't a clone. But a version of me from an alternate universe. Is he the precursor to an invasion? Or another Crisis? I need to contact The Justice League.

I'm sucker punched, by the recovered evil version of me. He has my healing factor too I see.

" Weak Fool!" He sneers. " You've brought me here to a cache of Interstellar weaponry! Now this world belongs to the Third Reich!"

The fact that someone wearing ,my face is spouting that drivel makes me sick to my stomach. " You'll have to get through me first." I challenge.

I fire my full intensity Heat Vision at him.

" That all?" He asks. Flying at me. I catch , him and with a right hook tossing him through through a few walls.

" No. I'm just getting warmed up." He flies back at me hitting me with a hay maker. I roll with it, Pretending to be , more hurt than I am, drawing him in closer.

When he's close enough I punch him in the gut. He kicks my knee cracking it . I throw an upper cut that knocks him through the ceiling. He flies back through slamming his shoulder into my chest.

We fall Into the The basement , and I start feeling sick and weak. Kryptonite. I notice it's hurting him too. He's trying to open a door to escape. the green rock. II look around while I still have eyesight, I find it. It's tour fight had broke open the lead canister where I keep Bloodsports K-bullets.

Right by it is the Phantom Zone Projector. I crawl to it. and turn the device on the meteor rocks. After I banish them I my mind clears , and I remember what's locked in that door.

" No! Don't open that It's dangerous!"

He laughs. " Ah your keeping some kind of weapon your afraid of aren't you? You were going to try using those green rocks to defeat, and ended up defeating yourself as well. Now you know whatever is in that door can kill us. But I will use it on you first."

The cell's security devices recognize his similar DNA and open. Releasing the monster.

" What is this thing?" My double queries.

" DOOMSDAY KILL SUPERMAN!" Is all he gets in answer.

The creature uses his claws to cut a deep gap into the other Superman's chest. " Monster! How dare you! I'll... what's happening? Poison?!"

At this moment we both hear a voice, that sounds similar to the Magdalena's saying "Superman1 I need you at once my love!"

My other self unsteadily flies away leaving me with Doomsday. If his healing ability is exactly like mine, He'll fight off the poison, and soon, but it'll slow him down.

Doomsday smiles obscenely. " Another Superman? You.....die first."

" Not today." I turn the PZ projector on him sending him to the to the prison dimension.

After I alert the JLA. I fly out to find my double, and see where he is going.

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