Thursday, March 08, 2007

Robin's been ... off.

Wow. Robin's really takin' Steph's death hard, At least I guess that's what 's been makin' him act like a total jerk to Bart and all. At least Spoiler gets sad people for her, I heard people had parties when I died. I slept at the Tower last Night, Because the tower actually has an Internet connection unlike the Kent's farm.

Well actually the The Farm does have a connection, but I have to fight with Ma Kent for it , and I needed to get the mountains of homework from my sick days in Kandor done. which needed 'net assistance.

I'm awaken By Ravager screaming at my bedroom door. " Open up Conner!"

" Ah Man ! It's not my turn for Ravager naked time! " I joke. " I think It's Marvin's though. Or maybe one of the the Starbucks servers."

" Conner ! I know you stole my booze! Now your going to pay me for it!"

" It wasn't me! " I shout. Because the stuff Rose drinks , and home work don't mix. This is probably what I would have wrote if I had drank it. " In 1776 the belelh dhugdklb was signed. "

Yeah that would go over real well. Rose kept insisting, it was me because "I'm the only other one here who drinks." She breaks in and I throw a pillow at her. When that doesn't work I toss my dirty socks at her. Ha! That makes her run away gagging.

After getting another hour of sleep. I'm awaken by Miss Martian , and She's all happy about some trainin' course , Get up Conner you'll miss it it'll be super keen!"

Does anyone even use the word "keen" any more? I stretch and Put on a shirt that isn't covered with pizza sauce. The whole time I'm thinking that it's just too freaking early for Ms. Martian.

Speaking of which Megan is skipping yeah I mean skipping, to the course. " I hear the JLA will be watching well except for Superman who's on a case, but you know that I mean he's like your Dad or is he your older brother? Well whatever do you think Martian Manhunter will be out here?"

" You tell me your the telepath." I shrug. " But he's likely out fighting with Smarter Child again, or abusing College Station or something."

We walk out into the cold morning fog. And I know that J'onn isn't here, by the fact I haven't heard one thing about dubbed One Piece yet. Poor Meagan is disappointed , but it doesn't stop her from listing her favorite things to me. I tuned out after bunnies.

As I start asking Cassie how she was, and then explaining nothing was going on with me and Ms. Martian( I'd kill myself.) Robin comes out to the field stinkin' drunk . I mean you didn't need to have super senses to tell it.

He yelled something about how he was the greatest something or other, then ran into a tree, face first. Well looks like we ain't doing the training course today. Looks like I'm gonna have to have a long talk with Tim. After He drinks a bunch of black coffee.

Good thing there's a Starbucks in the Tower. ( Where my room used to be. No I'm not still bitter, at least I still gotta new one unlike Beastboy. Though he said something about being a fly on Raven's wall, whatever dude.)

And While we're ordering Coffee, I found out about Nightwing, sending pictures of me as "Flamebird." too people. Well That can't go unanswered so behold something from Dick's days as Robin.

The Horror! The Horror!


cooltopten said...

* When that doesn't work I toss my dirty socks at her. Ha!* lol ya that one works for me too :) the horror the horror

Yamcha said...

You teen tiatans are f#$d up

Nightwing said...

I am now so tempted to sleep with your cousin in revenge!

supergirl said...

promises promises Night wing

Kon-El said...

Cool: It's a great weapon.

Yamcha we're F'd up dude. Your still obsessed with a girl who dumped you for an angry midget like 27 years ago. ( I'm jut guess ing this because Trunks said that's how old he is , She may have been doin' the matress mambo with him some time before Swim wear boy was born. )

Night Wing: and yet ya didn't there's a decent guy in there afterall. So Next post won't have any more of you Bats in Broke back bat cave.