Friday, March 30, 2007

Finally free.

I had followed my evil Doppelganger, to a base with an entire Nazi army. There I was attacked by the Red Skull with a Cosmic Cube. For the next few days the evil version Of Magdalena tried to brainwash me.

They used kryptonite , and the Cube to try and torture me. I had refused to let them bend me to their will.

" It would be so much easier if you would learn to see things our way. " Nazi Maggie slinked seductively.

" I would never act like you monster!" I yell. At this moment the wall is trashed open. When the dust settles I see Son Goku, and some man dressed in an AIM costume. He attacked the regular soldiers mercilessly.

The Other me sneers. " Saiyan ! Your strength surprised me last time this time 'll break you!"

To which the Saiyan grins " We'll see."

As they fight I break my shackles. Evil Magdalena turns on me. " Impossible those shackles were adamantium!"

I Smile." I think the person that sold those to you ripped you off. My vision telssa me those are secondary Adamantium no where near as strong. "

She's about to Open the lead box again with the green K inside. A dose of Heat vision destroys the alloy before it's radiation can affect me. She sneers. We may not have the green rock in our universe , but we do have something else , something, that I use on my Superman in bed ! Magic!"

I did not need to know that. She starts hitting me with some kind of whip. It cuts through my flesh , and my costume. I use my freeze breathe to subdue her.

My other self screams" Maggie! You weak version of me you'll pay!" He flies away from Goku Who's then zapped by the Cube.

I haven't recovered my full power yet, but at this man's frenzy I may have had problems with at full power, until he makes the mistake of knocking out of the building. The Sun restored , and he flew into a barrage of super speed punches.

Meanwhile I keep my eyes on the AIM masked man. As he defeats soldier after soldier. I don't like how brutally he's doing so. But they're still alive. So I can pay attention to the task at hand.

My evil self is OK at using his powers, but he's not the best fighter, me. Well as for me you can't be friends with Wonder Woman, and Batman as long as I have without picking up some things.

I finally catch him in a sleeper hold. meanwhile Goku is being knocked around by the Cosmic Cube. " AHHHH! Why am I being beaten by block of ice?"

" It's not ice Goku-San. " I answer "Oh Never mind blast it now!" We Fire on it at the same time me with Heatvision, him with that Kamehameha thing he does. The cube explodes oddly causing A hole to be torn in the air sucking in Evil Magdalena , evil me inside.

After this happens many of the soldiers run away. The Red Skull is caught by the AIM Person who starts beating him. " Where is she??? Where is Amber? Tell me or I'll Kill you!"

I grab his fist, which turns out to be cybernetic. " That's enough!"

" Bite me Boyscout!"

Goku walks In between us. " Ok guys there's no reason for us to fight each other. Right Guy?"

" Fine Goku can you use your Ki finding power to find her?"

" I can try!" Goku laughs. " Oh man! I can't find her any where."

Guy's get a determined sound to his voice. " I've made plenty of contacts I'll find someone that'll help me find her." The man stalks off.

" Mind explaining what any of this is about?" I question Goku.

" Yeah he's a friend of mine and ,His girlfriend was replaced by that evil girl. We've been following leads for weeks until now when we found them. Um Superman ? Why is there a bald man in a dress floating up there? "

I fly up to the figure. " your the one Dr. Richards spoke of the Watcher?"

" I am."

"Why are you here?" I ask.

" Important events played out here.. The Nazis being here for so long Unlike say the Brolly who was traded for this Universe's Or One who took the place of a dead person in one dimension or another. Some of the Nazis had doubles here. Like you for instance. When they created a Cosmic Cube it created an instability."

" Instabilities " I ponder what he is saying but need more. " What kind of instabilities?"

" First off? The Question never died in this reality. But he has memories of dying from an alternate universe. He's made up this insane notion that he faked his own death. "

I shrug. " Victor thinking odd things isn't exactly new. But this is just an example there are others aren't there?"

" Yes. But when you destroyed the Cosmic Cube, It repaired the damage , and averted another Crisis."

" That's good to know . " I mutter. " I just recovered from the last Crisis. "

" But." The watcher starts ominously. " The Nazis have a way to get back into this Universe. Be vigilant for their return, or disaster could befall this reality!"

And with that he vanishes. Nothing like threats of impending doom to start the afternoon off right. I start to fly back to Metropolis when Goku stops me. " hey your a pretty good fighter . Are you gonna be in the Boudokai?"

" A martial arts tournament? Not my style Good luck to you though." I wave and fly home. I change back into Clark Kent, and report to the Daily Planet.

Lois Intercepts me on the way . to my office. " Thank God you've come back!" After we kiss. She finally sighs. " the Clark Kent robot that took your place has had problems.. He threw coffee in Jimmy's lap this morning and ran around the bull pen yelling "suck it!"

I shake my head. " Sounds like Conner programmed that one. His WWE obsession being a big clue. I'll talk to him after he gets off school."

" You mean you don't know?" She seemed to fight back a sob there.

" Know what?"

" Conner was shot with kryptonite bullets by Heroslayer. He's at S.T.A.R. Labs in San Fransisco. He's not expected to make it. "

" Oh Rao I have to.."

Then Perry my editor interrupts us " Kent I'd like to talk to you about your attitude lately!"

After the lecture, and a warning. I never actually get the chance to get change into Superman , and see about Conner. After I re write all the stories that the robot screwed up, and file them. Then have to try to concentrate on the afternoon staff meeting.

But my mind's concentrating on ways I can save Conner. Finally when The day ends I immediately get to San Fransisco . The S.T.A.R. Labs is completely destroyed.

" What happened here?" I shout. " Where is Kon-El?"

" Lex Luthor. he did this . He took your clone sir. There was nothing we could do to stop him."


Vince Briefs said...

He'd better not die I gotta beat hin in front of evreyone

? said...

It's not a paralell Universew it's a time loop.