Friday, March 23, 2007

Kara:trying to apoligise to Batgirl.

Nightwing and this woman ended up talking for so long, that I got bored , and left.

So I Leave Bludhaven, and wonder what else there is to do around here. Then I remember. That Batgirl has been mad at me for having a little fun with Vincent Briefs. I had no idea that she was wanting to to date him.

And of course evrey body just has to call me 'slut'. or 'whore' , or whatever. I hate the double standard this planet has. If your a guy, you Get applauded for liking sex if your a girl you get called names, Well unless your Kon then you get called names too.

I'm going to have to get this straightened out. It's not like I was wanting a relation ship or any thing. I had just broke up with that Powerboy loser, who Hit me! And was a complete stalker. So I beat the him up. and left him space I've seen him again and beat him once since then.

And hey Vince liked me. so But If Batgirl is going to get all bent out of shape about it I better go talk to her. With My Telescopic Vision, I find her, with Vinnie, And his sister. on a roof top in West City.

Awkward! Maybe I should see what Boomer's doing? no wait he told me he had a job. Something about Nuclear Power plants and robot Lyndsey Lohans. I was a little scared to find out more.

So OK I might as well get this over with. I fly up behind them.the two saiyans sense me pretty quick. "Hey!" Vella greets. Vincent kind of mumbles "uh oh." And Batgirl refuses to look at me.

" Hey.Um Can we talk?" I ask her.

" Whatever you want I'm not interested," She growls.

I press forward. " Look I didn't know about you, and him."

" Hey at the time I didn't Cass was into me!" Vincent shouts.

" Oh." I point at Batgirl. " Your Cass huh?" She turns and glares at the boy.

"Oooh! your in trouble!" his sister laughs.

" Look. " For some reason she looked like she was starting to search for what she had to say. " My boy is off limits. So just go back to Metropolis."

" Don't get your Bat panties in a bunch. I'm not leaving until you accept my apology , us super people , and Bat people are supposed to be friends you know, Let's not let a silly thing like a boy mess that up."

" Silly?" Vince protests.

" Quiet Vinnie!" Now it's my turn to glare at him.

" Don't call me Vinnie!" He shouts.

"Cass" Takes a metal glove out of her utility belt puts it on then Punches me .

It actually hurt. " What was that?"

" Adamantium." I can see her smile under that freaky mask." Now your apology is accepted."

Unbreakeble metal, meeting invulnerable jaw equals 'ouch' have to remember that.

" So I guess that means you don't share huh?" I half joke.

She looks like she doesn't get it for a second, then it dawns on her, and her eyes do that bat mask angry thing that Bruce's always do. " I haven't even ... never mind."

Wait you Haven't?" I'm shocked. " Well your in for a treat. After the clumsiness part but I think he's over that now ."

"Aaargh!" He yells to which his sister points and laughs.

I whisper in her batgirl's ear " Ask him to go supersaiyan trust me. " I use my x- ray Visiomnn to see yup. She's blushing.

And Vincent grumbles " I'm in Hell."

This weird robotic voice declares behind me " Not yet but you soon will be!" we all turn to see this guy in a costume. " Well Well. Four heroes for the price of two . How lucky for the Heroslayer."

He zaps me with this green ray that makes me all weak. Kryptonite! Damn it! I fall on the he pushes a button on his belt, and this ultrasonic pulse makes me, and the two half saiyans, ears bleed.

" Now that everyone's down . " He laughs. " I'll just kill you all now. " He throws some kind of gas bomb at Vella. " For the little Princess Toxin!" Vince charges him, The slayer takes a knife looking thing from his belt. " For the boy prince, One of Captain Koma's neural disruptors." He stabs Vincent in the head. The boy responds by going into convulsions , and yelling gibberish.

"What?. " The Slayer questions. " It's not supposed to do that. Must be something to do with that hybrid brain of yours."

Batgirl runs to his him " What did you do to him?"

" Well well Cassandra." he taunts " Your language skills have improved. David will be so proud. Well until he has to attend your funeral."

The girl makes a noise like a wounded cat. " Wh..what?" Heroslayer takes this moment . to try to punch Batgirl who blocks it and kicks him in the chest. " You didn't know ? David is alive ."

" Your l...lying I saw him ... die."

" No. But will. Have you heard of a man called Prometheus? He had a helmet that could download all the fighting styles of the best martial artists . I stole that from him. Just like I stole the disrupter from Koma. Right now my hood is downloading the styles of. Your parents , Batman , and you. "

It was an intense fight, but Batgirl seemed to have the edge, she could I don't know just seem to know what was coming before Heroslayer did. He took out these laser sword looking things, and she knocked them out of his hands, and grabbed them.

" Impressive." Slayer. laughs. He flashes a light into her eyes blinding her. Next a gun comes out of his belt. " Too bad it wasn't enough."

I use the last of my Heat vision to destroy the weapon. He turns on me. " So you want to die first Supergirl? That can be arranged."

He put the Kryptonite ray at my head. " At this range, a second dose will be painful fatally so."

I fight back tears , I'm not giving this dirt bag the satisfaction of seeing me cry. " Why?"

" Because someone has to." he answers grimly. This pain rips through my body. Not like Kyptonite but like giant needles tearing out of my skin. There's all these weird spike things all over me . But Heroslayer jumped back before they could skewer him.

" Where did you get those my dear? How odd. How advantageous. He grabs me by one of the spikes and tosses me I hit something with a squishing sound. Oh no ! I don't want to know what I hit!

I turn around, and my fears are realised with a sickening sound from Batgirl.

Oh No! How did this happen? Where did these spikes come from? Unbidden , a memory of Krypton comes into my head.

Oh Great Krypton! My dad.. he did something to me! And because of that psycho Bat girl could die!


cooltopten said...

Dam them spikes where evil .Cool blog :)

The Heroslayer said...

One down three to go.

Kon-El said...


Robin said...

The double standard exists because, both women and men frown upon other women who enjoy sex. But men are frowned upon my neither gender as it is "expected", you're not a whore Kara. Wait, Cass got stabbed? And you live!

WonderWoman said...

Kara, I praise you for facing your problems.

? said...

hello Hero slayer " Oh Danny Boy...."

supergirl said...

Cool' Evil is a ggood word for them.

Heroslayer : Go to Hell!

Kon: I'm so sorry.

Robin: Like I don't feel bad enough.

Diana Thanks.

supergirl said...

Opps sorry i forgot uopu Question But you singing is hard to respond too.