Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kon:Why does Nightwing fantasize about me with inflatable women?

So Nightwing for some reason keeps talking about me and inflatable women. I'm still tryin' to figure out what I did for to him to bring up all this hostility. He probably found out about me dating Cassandra Cain a while back.

And for some reason evreyone's laughin' about the " You lost your virginity in a Barn Conner hahahahahaha!! Yeah no I didn't. Sorry Cassie ( Wondergirl) but I was already 'used goods' since my days in Hawaii.

I'm not proud of this but my first time was one of the " power training lessons " from Knockout.

Yeah I was young and stupid. Next was a girl I dated at Cadmus Serling Rouqette.

It didn't workout I'm sorry to say. I wonder whatever happened to her.

After this me and Cass Cain dated for a while.

Wonder girl was acting like she hated me at the time, so I moved on. Cassie and me ended it , when she went to find out who her mother was. Hey Vincent treat her right dude ya got good girl there.

Then me and Wondergirl got back together. the problem was I ended up being pulled into the 30th century and was with the Legion of Superheroes. I thought I'd never get back to my own time , and I dated Triad. Yeah she has the ability to turn into three girls (Yeah I know awesome!)

Finally the barn incident happened. Yeah I ain't showing you people a picture of that you'll just have to take this one instead.

OK So no I don't have a list as long as Nightwing's. Who the freak does? He calls me a livin' hormone? come on! From what I get from readin' his last post, he waits until their vulnerable , and swoops in.

I may be old fashioned. or well not Mr. Grayson, but I actually try to start relationships. Some times they don't work out. I can't help that. What in Rao's name is going on the roof?

Man! I forgot all about Tim's drunkenness after checkin' out that Pamela Anderson lookin' hottie. I hope he ain't gonna like jump off the roof or somethin'! I fly up there, ans see somethin' horrible. Miss Martian's on fire. Raven's freaking out yellin "Trigon!"

Ravager's fightin' Invisble people, yelling "dad!" Beast boy's shape shiftin' out of control. Kid Flash Is some kinda' device. Every time he tires to fight it it drags him back to it.

I see Tim, And Jericho Layin' on the roof. Robin points and says "Look out!" I turn on some dude in a white costume with a skull , and crossbones on his chest, and a cape pointing a gun at me.

He shoots me. Instead of bouncing off my chest they go in , and hurt a lot. " Kryptonite." The masked guy announces smugly. I fall clutching my chest. Oh Man! I'm dyin'!

This dude stands over me. " This was easier than I thought." He brag. he takes out this sword, before he strikes me we hear "Oh Danny Boy!" being sung.

Mask boy looks around. "Where's that coming from?" he asks.

" The Pipes The pipes are calling!"

Now the psycho is really freaking out. " Who's doing that where are you?" This smoke or gas or somethin' forms in front of Killer guy. I may hallucinating But I think it ended up forming a question mark.

" Question!? " He shouts. " No! Your dead! Your dead!

" Stay Back!" Yells the guy, as Question keeps on with his little musical number.

" I- I'll kill you Sage! Ghost or not!" Wonder Girl throws her lasso round weirdo ( bad guy not Question.) It shocks him ,and the other titans regroup. I keep passing out , and When I Wake up again, The Villain screams "My devices, aren't working right! Damn Wonder Girl's Lasso! Damn Question! My teleporter has a little charge left.I have to risk it! Doesn't matter! looks like Kon is about to Die any way!" He vanishes.

Oh man! I think he's right! I'm gonna die again! Oh man I feel myself passin' out!It's all goin' black.

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