Monday, May 21, 2007

Where is evreybody?

I was eliminated from LGS2And How do I feel about it? Not bad really. I had some fun while I was there. But I was startin' to get a little homesick. That and was I was a little disturbed by how good looking a freaking Lohan robot was.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I don't want to be Magneto! Who knows how it starts? I mean first the attraction to an artificial life form, then ya may start thinkin' " You know pink may not be so bad. " and then your draped in pink , wearing a bucket on your head!

So I'm at Titans Tower , and it's freakin' empty! Not even the Starbucks people are here. what in Rao's name happened? I use the super hearing and hear a heartbeat in the basement.

I fly down there, a bit, and see what I've only hear about from Bart. The infamous cloning lab. Yeah the Memorial displays too Spoiler, and Tim's parents don't really bother me, And I guess the one with my shirt in it does weird me out so I just take my shirt.

This voice yells " That's not yours! it's mine! " I look over to see this....thing.

There's only one response to seeing a green half me, half Robin. " YAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"

It screams the same way, and smashes through the wall. Oh great, and now it's loose. I try to find it, But that thing is long gone. Ok so now back to where is everyone?

I guess maybe I should see if if there's some kind of emergency, Ok next stop Watchtower, just hope Robin didn't accidentally create anymore weird clones.

Meanwhile at the Watchtower.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Oh my god! It's like Composite Superman but only different!

cooltopten said...

Is that thing half robin , half leprachaun? " where,s me gold ".That chick at the bottom looks like she could have a split personality :)

Kon-El said...

Jon: yeah but I hope he don't have the powers of the legion.

Cool: i wouldn't doubt it.

batman said...

Those are just... horrifying.