Thursday, May 24, 2007

Saiyans took Superman?

Dam it! While I was wasting time with freaky clones in Titans Tower, Saiyans Took Superman! I finally caught up with everyone at the Watchtower. And Zachary Zatara was trying to tell me what to do!

" What we're we're just gonna sit here while Superman is missin' I don't think so!"

" Well your a teen Titan Kon-El , and you will do what I say got it?"

" No! Maybe ya should say it louder ?"

He notices he can't talk . I grin. " Tactile Telekinesis, People seem to forget I have that power. Though I used to say it all the time. I'm touching the floor , and so are you. Means I can keep you from talking, or moving. So no spells.I know Your leader of the Titans and all that, but guess what ? I did pretty good when I was out by myself. It may just be time for me to do that again, Maybe ya can call Kara to take my place or something. "

I go to the teleporter, and dial up West City. The first thing I find is Vincent flying around. Good, just the jerk I was wanting to beat some info out of. I fly into slamming him, and taken him over the ocean.

Finally I power bomb him into an uninhabited island.

He looks up not sure what was going on . " What the Hell are you doing? " He shouts.

" I'm only gonna ask you this once. Where is Superman? "

" How the should I know?" He protests.

" Your a Saiyan! Your damn buddies are running around attacking cities.And they took Supes!'

He glowers at me. "I'm not one of them! "

" Wrong answer!" I shout flying at him and punching his jaw. He turns all gold, but different this time with all this weird lightning around his body. Oddly he punched me somewhat harder than when we fought at the tournament.

I clear my head, and and next his foot goes for my face. " I should hurt you more for accusing me of betraying the planet. But you've had enough. "

He may have been right, I was seeing three of him, so I just throw a shot at the one in the middle one's gut. While he's stunned I fire a full blast of Heatvision. He shouts. "Idiot! "

And begins powering up some blast there is no way I'm letting him do that. I Tackle the puns, and throw some punches into his jaw. He head buts me . Making more stars fly across my eyes, next thing I know I'm blasted.

I recover pretty quick. I use my TTK to make the ground beneath him explode. While he's stunned I slam my knee into that ugly mug of his.As He's stunned I'm about to set him up for a pile driver instead he chops the back of my knee. Before I collapse though.

I elbow him in the forehead. I start to get up, when a girl's voice screams "Why are you doing this?"

I turn around to Vella, shouting. " Because you aliens have Superman!" I accuse.

She floats down to her brother and pulls him up. " . your as much of an alien as I am. We don't have them the bad saiyans do "

" What's the difference?" I spit. She slugs me, and tears start flowing in her eyes. " I thought you were my friend! You don't trust us at all do you?"

" But I .." I begin.

" No don't say anything! Just don't talk to me ever again!" She shrieks. Flying with Vincent. Damn me and my temper really screwed up this time.


Nightwing said...

Bit of advice, I think it's best you keep your mouth shut around women. They seem to like you more when you do.

Kon-El said...

Hardey har har.