Thursday, May 03, 2007

A simple capture becomes a brawl.

The Question had drawn the so called Heroslayer out in the open, now me and the Batman just had to finish him. I grabbed Question away from him, while Batman rained Punches and kicks down on the person formerly known as Super Shield.

" You Fool! " Slayer yells . You couldn't hurt this body even if you wanted too! Even if you could it's just a shell you can't hurt me.

" Hnh Let's put that to the test. " Batman growls taking out A set of metal gloves from his belt. Before he can put them on slayer knocks him down, I pull The mad man off of Bruce.

He takes out a gun and before he can shoot it a batarang knocks it away. " We already no of your kryptonite ordinance, do yourself a favor "Shield stop now. Before your seriously hurt. "

I pull the mask off and the former hero smiles manically . " Sorry Super Shield isn't at home right now.Only Heroslayer."

I Punch him at about half of my full strength, knowing he may be durable, but he's not invulnerable. " Give up this senseless battle. "

He yells something in some arcane language and I'm knocked back, great magic. While I'm recovering Bat man punches slayer with a hard "clang" . Heroslayer falls but grabs his hood, and replaces it " Who's martial arts style should I download. I have it a combination of your little girl sidekick and Wolverine ."

Expendable claws come out of his gloves. And He starts to systematically tear Batman apart too bad he forgot about me. I speed around him taking the air from his lungs. " that's the problem with spells Heroslayer, You actually have to be able to talk to use them. "

He passed out , it would have ended there if not for a familiar voice cool calm voice saying. " You've done your work Now let me kill him!"

" Deathstroke!" Batman shouts. " There will be no more lives lost He's going to prison to pay for his crimes!"

The Terminator laughs. " Don't be ridiculous! We both know he'll escape. My way is the only way. Now get out of the way Or lose your lives as well. "

" That's not going to happen ." I declare.

" Foolish Kal-El. Titans East! Take them down! I really don't care what you do to the heroes! But Heroslayer dies here Today!"

As I was about to make a move I felt my powers draining. A girl who for some reason reminded me of my old Legion teammate Sun Boy, Blasted me with with Red solar waves. A kid that looked like Kid Flash hit me thousands of times then this voice Shouts " Yes! Him am not my father! everyone but me fight him!"

" Kon! Great Krypton! What happened to you?"

" Me am Kon! Me am not Match!" The Bizzaro slams it's fist in my nose. This is Match ? last time I saw him he was an albino with white hair, and had no interest in me as a father figure what so ever. He must be degenerating.

Meanwhile Batman defeats Duela Dent And a girl dressed like Riddler, Only to be knocked down by Deathstroke. " Stay down Batman ! That scum isn't worth your life! he tired to kill my children and he must pay!"

"It doesn't work like that!" Batman replies.

" Too bad. " Slade remarks. But before he can plunge a sword into Bruce's chest Batgirl is actually dropped from the sky and Punches Slade. " I should kill you for the way you used me Slade... Lucky for you I don't kill."

" Still denying your heritage I see Miss Cain?" Deathstroke mocks.

She ignores him, and turns to Batman . " Are you hurt?"

" No. But how? You can't fly."

A voice above him announces. " No Bats! But I can !" It's Vegeta's youngest son Verne? No that's not it. Floating above the scene with his sister. " oh yeah For saving your life? Your welcome." His gaze moves over to Slade. " Cass won't tell me what you did to her but I know one thing If she won't put you down I will."

Deathstroke chuckles. " And what are you? Her attack dog? Go home little boy, and fight someone at your own skill level. "

The boy's hair turns gold and he clotheslines Terminator through a wall. Wish i could warn him that Deathstroke has plenty of experience fighting, and defeating those who are stronger, and faster than himself. but I have my own problems with Match.

Until the girl blasts him off of me. " He'll recover pretty soon What's wrong Superman? Why is your power level so far down? "

" That sun girl keeps blasting me with with red solar energy. "

" Oh so if I beat her you'll be OK?" the girl asks

" Something like that." I tell her.

Unfortunately she's attacked by the former Hero Risk. " You ain't takin' any one down Monkey Girl!"

For the first time ever I see the look that comes over her father's face when he's insulted. " What did you just call me?"

" Monkey Girl?"

" That's what I thought you said!" Now she transforms and attacks while Match tackles me again.

Meanwhile Batman is yelling at oracle through his head set. "Did you call those children here?"

" yes .Man informant gave me information that Calculator has been tracking Heroslayer for Slade. I thought you'd need back up , against Titans East."

" Why didn't you call the Teen Titans?" Batman Growls.

" I did they should be there at any moment."

While Batman is distracted, and I finally get Match off of me. ( Until the next red solar blast. ) Herolayer recovers, and And guffaws. " Ms. Cain, I see you've been favoring your ribs. " He punches her in the aforementioned area. " Now stay back all of you or i break her her little neck !"

She headbutts him. And slips away from his grasp, as she recovers Conner slams into him. I didn't know he came back from Hacknor. A plane carrying the rest of the Titans Sans Robin lands and they start striking out against the Titans East.

Kon Glares At Cassandra Who's gripping her rib cage. " Hey what are you doin' spreading the rumor around that I'm small ya know down there? What was all that moanin' Fake or something? " You know the mystery of Nightwing's dislike for Kon is starting to become clearer. If he did what he's suggesting with Batgirl.

The two of them have a stare off. Until Batgirl Strikes him saying "Focus."

" My boy, is about to make a mistake , and kill Slade, or Slade will kill him, And your worried about a stupid prank? .... You Suck." She turns around and runs toward the fight with her boyfriend and Deathstroke. While Kon sits there dumb founded.

Heroslayer Laughs. " You always were a fool Superboy!"

" Don't act like you know from one fight dude!" Conner yells.

" We've fought more than that." Slayer taunts.

" Conner!" Warns Raven." That man is possessed by a demon!"

" Right you are! Slayer announces. " And Kid Flash, Slobo, Wonder girl all know me! But I had a different name then! Harm.

" Harm!" Conner challenges. " Why don't you ever stay dead?" The three member of the former Young Justice attack their enemy while Zachry Zatrra is knocked out by the strange"kid Crusader."

Meanwhile Raven talks Duella into switching sides, and Sun Girl, starts yelling to miss Martian about how she's her slave in an alternate future. Luckily for me She fires yellow sunlight At the girl who dodges it, allowing it to strike me. Before she can react, I encase her in ice with my freeze breathe. Miss Martian breaks the Sun girl's fall by catching her.

The next instant I knock out match, and stun the Flash like boy with a thunder clap. ( yes I stole a move from the Hulk.) I turn my attention to Heroslayer who's Stunned the Young Justice group, and turned his attention on Ravager. " Your father should be punished for interfering in my plans, The deaths of you and Jericho should pay him back nicely.

the two fight. But before he can injure Rose, Slade whose mask has been burned off kicks Slayer away." You will not hurt either of them! Your fight is with me Heroslayer!"

" Ok with me!"

After a short but impressive battle, Slade has Heroslayer by the throat. " Any last words?"

" Yes. Kill this idiot. It doesn't matter I'll be back in some form or another." Batman moves to stop the killing blow when gold energy fries Slade.

" Our fights not over yet!" Vegeta's son declares.

Slade kicks him in the throat " You little punk! I don't care about you! But as long As Heroslayer lives he can do to my daughter or son what he did to Terra! I won't allow that! If I have to kill you o accomplish that I will!"

His sister, defeats Risk.

" No I'm not...I'm a girl, And I'm sorry about all the stuff that's happened to you, but you made the wrong choice teaming up with these bad guys, maybe you should learn from your mistake? Oh wait a minute my brother's in trouble I'll be right back."

Not only did The girl notice that but Batgirl did as well. They both Converged On Slade. " Back Cassandra!! You too alien girl! If you want him to live give me Heroslayer."

Before I fly over there to put a stop to this. A gravelly voice chimes in " I have a better idea. " A gravelly voice chimes in. " You get off the boy and run away with your tail between your legs. Or I hurt you and your kid villian brigade. "

A white gloved hand grips Deathstrokes' neck , and slams him into the concrete roof. The Terminator Recovers. " And who are you supposed to be?"

The other man just fires a blast, that Slade hops over another blast hits his chest. " You can doge energy from one hand, but I have two you know. The only reason you defeated Vincent is because he doesn't have the expirence to weild his power properly me I have years of expirence."

" What right have you to interfere?" Slade mumbles.

"I Am The Prince of all Saiyans! I do what I want! And if anyone is goijng to defeat Heroslayer it will be the one whose reputation He besmirched! My other son Mirai! And I'm here to disuade anyone who has any other ideas!"

Ever hear of throwing kerosine on a raging fire ? Well Vegeta's presense is more like tossing a nuclear device on one.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Kid Flash did what to you thousands of times?

Superman said...

It wasn't kid flash it somone that looked like "inertia" I think. and That was supposed to be "hit' I'm sso embarrased . I'm not going to hear the end of this one from the JLA Eventhough it's fixed now.

Stupid typos

Vegeta said...


Nightwing said...

That's it Conner you are so screwed! I'm gonna f@#!ing kill you. Why'd you have to do that to Cassandra!

Oh, hopefully nobody got seriously hurt Superman. Give my regards to the JLA and Titans.

batman said...

Didn't I warn you to keep your idiot Kid away from Cassandra Clark?

I hope he enjoys kryptonite Batangs that's all I have to say.

Deathstroke said...

It's times like these I wonder if I should've just put all of that serum in her veins. Maybe she'd act with more common sense.

Robin said...

All that moanin'?
Well Cassandra can play dead pretty well.

Kon-El said...

Dick and Deathstroke Bite me! It's not like I didn't do anything she didn't want me too, and it was her idea! Yeah not mine hers! Now where would she pick that up huh Nightwing ? I wonder ? Slade we all know about your creepy obsession with teenage girls, so In a way I'm glad she's datin' a guy that can blow up a planet. Yeah the mental image of the two of them stopmin' you into the ground is almost worth the aggravation Vincent gives me.

Robin: Heh. Good one bud. I would make some little joke back but since all your girlfriends are dead, well wouldn't be appropriate.

Superman said...

Vegeta: be quiet I've heard you talk in baby talk!

Nightwing: you might as well , dig up that kid Zero's corpse and punch it As irrational as your being. It was over a year ago They are not even blips on each other's radar anymore.

And fortuantley no on was hurt. I will give your regards. to them.

Batman: I thought they were a cute couple my self. (Shrugs.) Doesn't matter Cassandra is with Vincent and Conner is with with Wonder girl

Slade: or make her a drooling idiot.

Robin: (must resist urge to laugh.)

Conner: you really need to calm down , There is no reason to fight over something that happened a year ago.

At least you and Robin get along now.

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