Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Saiyan invasion.

King Vegeta,has been threatening us with invasion. Now he finally did it. The saiyans have been invading small countries. It was now time to strike back. And was ready to engage.

" Surrender now!" Yells Tony Stark. " You people will not like our response to your acts of war believe me. " I can tell he's been drinking again. Actually anyone can tell Stark is off the wagon. This is going to be interesting.

The so called "king." Laughs. " Your of no interest to us tin man! I won't even talk to no powered trash like you!"

Looks like I have to step up. " Why are you doing this ? We've never did anything to you saiyans!"

He grins. " Ah a Kryptonian, seems ours is not the only race that was only thought to be dead. What you've done is weaken my boy! He actually protects these sniveling little worms instead of building an empire."

" That's what this is about?" I ask unbelieving. " Disappointment in your son?"

He laughs. " No! it's about building the empire I should have had, if not for Frieza! Our race is a race of conquest. And this planet will be the first, and with the powers some of you have, the empire will be that much easier to build!"

I glare, "That's not going to happen. "

He laughs and orders the other saiyans to attack. I fly straight for him. " Ha! You come from a race of scientists Kryptonian! I come from a race of warriors! "

I punch him in the jaw before he can finish whatever it was he was going to say, I'm swarmed by aliens then. I knock them all off. Except this one, that inexplicably fires heatvison.

" Me Mungo! prince of Saiyans! you hurt daddy! Me hurt you!" His powers weren't unlike my own. In fact more so than any saiyan I've ever seen. The king screams " Show him your the strength born of Daxamite, and a saiyan boy!"

Well that explians it. So I can go all out. I give him a punch as hard as I can which knocks him into the air, and he falls to the land below. " Me hurt! " He screams.

Damn it did I hit him too hard? Vegeta can take a full powered shot. Then evreything goes insane. Ships come out of the water, And people from Namor's undersea kingdom attack. Us.

The saiyan king maniacally laughs. " We've made allies here. Others who think like us."

Namor slams into me. " Imperious Rex!" I have no idea why he's siding wth the saiyans. Though he has been goaded by Stark. Into a cold war. I Give him a dose of Heat vision, and am surprised to find, Black Adam coming after me.

" Grarr! My families dead! I must kill everything!"

And I thought he was insane before. he flies behind me shouting " fuzzy Bunnies!" where magic lightning strikes me. Then Mungo comes after me again.

The two of them beat on me.

Namor complains to King Vegeta. "That is not the Honorable way to defeat someone as noble as him!"

" Nevermind!winning is all that matters!" The king dismisses.

Son Goku Jumps for at Namor, and King Vegeta, And he's blasted, by several Altanteans. This is the last thing I see before, I black out.

I wake up in some kind of cell with red sun lamps. And Son Goku Was in another cell. kept a sleep, by some kind of gas. I need to start thinking about how to get out of this one.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Phew, even in the Iron Man armor, you can smell the stank on him.

Batman said...


Robin said...

Dude, remember Zachary is still the leader and he's pretty good at magic. So he'll curse you before you can punch him. Secondly, isn't there some mystical sun block you can use to protect yourself from the red sun light? I'm so happy I'm in rehab.

Kon-El said...

I think your connfusing me with Supes Rob.