Monday, May 28, 2007

Escape from Saiyan Island

Great Krypton! I have to get out of this prison cell. Because Black Adam keeps running around doing this.

That's really disturbing. he walks around with. That. Has meals with it. The ,man needs help and he's not going to get it as long as the these saiyans use him as a weapon.

I hear a familiar voice in the next cell. Bruce Banner. " Dr. Banner?"

" Who is that?" He screams " Your not another Hulk are you?"

Sigh. I'm surronded by insanity. But this does give me an idea, and idea that'll probably end up getting me hurt. " No Banner You idiot! I'm one of the many who's fought you over the years you murderer!"

" I've never killed anyone!" He screams.

" Are you sure Bruce? The Hulk smashes buildings all the time! But your just a fool who doesn' t want to take responsibility for what he does!" In actuality he really hasn't killed anyone but playing on Banner's fears Will get the result I want.

" Stop it! You... don't know what your doing!" He protests.

" I'm talking to a little pansy boy ! That's what I'm doing! Your nothing but a speck of human garbage Banner!"


The Green monster towers over me. " Hulk remember you Cape Man! You hunted Hulk before! Hounded Hulk! Now you make fun Of Hulk and tell lies about him! This time Puny Cape man Hulk will smash! Smash you good!"

Lucky for me I had a small amount of invulnerability left. His punch knocked me through the roof of the prison. Ah. Sun restores my powers. I fly back down. Back down, and Apologise to the Hulk he's not taking it too well.

The saiyans attack him. Us while the Hulk Gets distracted by them I go back to the cells. And free any other hero that's been captured. One is severely injured. Raven of the Teen Titans.

" Did the saiyans do this?" I ask as her back bleeds.

" No I think it was Stark."

Stark? What in Rao's name is he thinking? " Can you teleport your self?"

She says. " I have to conserve my energy."

That complicates things hopefully the saiyns didn't see if search my belt. No . I still have the JLA communicator. " Watchtower this is Suprerman Two to beam up."

Wonder woman said she would use the the purple healing ray to restore Raven. I ask The Flash. What the current situation is since I was captured.

" Well their have been fights breaking out All over the globe. And Now Batman has decided he wants to go off and play Lone Ranger, to fight Iron Man. "

Great. this female voice starts demanding " Man of Krypton! I know you can hear me! If you want to stop this war come here!"

I fly down to where the person yelled my name. I find a female saiyan. " Hmph So your the so called Superman eh? Bah! Your not that impressive. "

She must be related to Vegeta. " Who are you?"

She smirks. " I suppose you can call me the Saiyan Queen."

I knew it. " So what is this this thing that will end the war?"

" Simple Kryptonain, a new king. My former husband is a coward he used his pet monsters, to defeat our son."

I think I see where she's going. " So you think Trunks Should challenge King Vegeta?"

She laughs. " Maybe if he could stop chasing skirts for more than five minutes! Bu No. I'm talking about our son. Fool when That fool King Vegeta mated with a super elite, he had to have known he was creating his own death. Mwhhahhhahahahaha!"

" What are you talking about?"

"Sometimes you are a little slow on the uptake Kal-El!" Someone shouts from inside the ship behind her.

I use my X-ray vision and see Vegeta, so the reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated. He walks out with this cape. I use my microscopic vision on it's made with Kryptonian fibers.

" Where did you get that?" I question.

He smirks. " I killed a zombie version of you in the Amazing Mutant Race two, and took his cape as a trophy. It protected me from the worst of what that imbecile and Black Adam did to me. And When mother found me and put me in a rejuvenation chamber. Tell the others that We're about to end this whole mess, first let me find the troops."

He closes his eyes, and does something. " Why the Hell is Vincent in the same room with Iron Man? Hmph. Whatever looks like I'll be a little late. "

He flies off. Hopefully he can really end this stupid battle.

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Batman said...

Now Clark it may have been tacically sound to be anger Banner. But getting close enough for him to tackle you was not. That's farmboy way of yours is going to get you killed .. Again.