Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm a host

So I'm hosting a show That's supposed to" show us "unregistered heroes in a positive light." Or something I admit I sort of zoned out. My senses can hear and see pretty much every thing on the planet sometimes beyond.. it gets hard to focus on a game show when there's disasters to stop and people to save.

So I was out plugging up a volcano when I was elected to host This.

Ok. Why they have to name it after "Next top model." I don't know . I'm trying to get changed into "Heroic challenge" or something. Though My Other suggestion was bad "Who wants to be an HU Hero?" Bu I had to listen to Stan Lee talk to me about.. weird nonsensical things. When it as announced.

I'd rather fight Doomsday again than have to face that. Well at least we have a good first contestant in Professor X. He adds some legitimacy at least. now I get to meet the judge.

" Oh Rao no!" I exclaim. When I see The Watcher.

" KAl-El! When you were in Smallville you always claimed that Chloe Sullivan was but a friend, but there was that time behind the bleachers... "

" No!" I exclaim.

" Huh?"

" No! You are not going to tell secrets of contestants on national television!"

" But it's the only enjoyment I get!" He whines. " Do you understand how boring being able to see the entire Multiverse is?"

"I have an idea." I state. " Look can you just judge? Just give out immunity?"

" What's in it for me?"

"Great Krypton! What can I possibly offer a cosmic entity?" I throw my hands up.

" How about you ask Power girl to to visit my domicile on the moon?"

" Your kidding right?" I shake my head when I see he isn't. " Fine I can ask her but no guarantees."

" That's all I ask." he smiles. " And I'd know if you wasn't going to uphold your end of the bargain."

"I know I know."

Any one wants to join the game email me here


Professor Xavier said...

That Watcher looks a little bit like the Punisher for some reason. Might just be the light.

Superman said...

Maybe he's trying a new look?