Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Superman: Some random things.

Chris won't stop talking about how much fun he had at Titan's Tower, and he keeps asking when he can go again. Conner on the other hand won't talk to anyone He just locked himself in his room, and before that he got Pa mad at him by punching his tractor.

I finally found what was left of it in Michigan. Meanwhile I've been pretty busy. Bizzaro has escaped, again. He goes around town "saving" people. In reality he's dropping them into the harbor Or leaving them on the top of buildings. Basically being a nuisance.

Before anyone asks. yes i did vote to replace the Question as a mentor too that teenage super team. Though I'm not sure who in Krypton's name picked Saiyaman as his replacement. I suppose The Anti reg's need to put him somewhere though.

My Reason ( And no Hal I don't care about Vic's college crush on Lois, like you keep hinting at. ) Is because he acted so strange the last time I saw him on the he Said he was an"urban Shaman" And could talk to he city, and could walk between worlds. I was certain he was on something. Also I could never prove it but I believe he killed that subterranean gang and the supervillian Psychopomp.

So yes I am a bit concerned with him being around children especially when at least three of them could be future members of The JLA when they come of age.

Also at the Daily Planet we have a new assistant editor. every once in a while something he'll say will be a Freudian slip like when he asked me to go to Clay City this morning.

I'm so glad the Flash wasn't near to hear that. He'd still be laughing.


Professor Xavier said...

And why does he assume that's Kent's beat?

Kon-El said...

Clark hangs with Jimmy 'nuff said.