Monday, July 23, 2007

Gah! Red Kryptonite sucks!

I was grounded for the whole Public service announcement thing.( Still if Tim Doesn't smoke puppies where is Krypto? where I ask!) Well that was until Superman started paying attention to his game show.

He's got five challengers so far. Well anyway Me ,Kara ,and the two Steels, have been doin' all his super stuff. Weirdly my old enemy the Scavenger popped up and blasted me with a red K ray. That was a mistake I almost broke every bone in his body.

I mean red K turns us temporally, I dunno evil, or psycho or somethin'. Usually while we still have some control we have to lock ourselves in the Fortress until the 48 hours that this lasts are up.

But the Titans had an emergency thing goin' on. With Skrulls and Nightwing , and Batman, and me gettin dosed with green K. That just pissed me off more. And then Nightwing decides to take over the team.

The whole time I'm thinkin' how easy it'd be to tear his head off. Then Robin tells us we gotta get along let's see how ya get along with you head caved in! No stop thinkin' that he's your friend.

Then we have to all stay cooped up in a van all the way from San Fransico to New york. Even if I was normal this would suck, And Bart just had to sing, I want to shut him up so bad. A little TTK to hold him in place. and some heat vision... Stop it Conner!

Also Ravager is just gettin' more on my nerves, than usual. Also what the heck is this thing she's holdin'?

Well finally we get to the Outsiders HQ thank Rao this van is some kinda souped up Bat Van. But still it took hours longer than I'd want. I sort of zoned out during all the Outsiders turning out to be Kree crap. Though Ravager threatening to castrate me for lookin' up Miss Martian's skirt well that I paid attention to.

She ain't got no kryptonite, All it would take is a pico second, an' I can crush her, then Bart, then Robin And Nightwing would be nothin, but bugs they think I dunno what's in their belts but they'd never get to the Green K in time.
Miss A little heat vision would put out Miss Martian permanently.

Jericho, bleh as long as I don't look him in the eye he's nothin' And Wonder girl She'd just cry the whole frickin' time. I'd leave her alive. Why? Now why would I do that?

Focus Conner.. all this crap is the damn meteor rock talkin'. Instead of focusing I end up running my mouth. " Hay Ravager! have X-ray vision I can look at what I want! if ya wanna threaten someone try that damn Vince Briefs he looks up her skirt all the time! Oh that's right! His girlfriend beat you like a drum Heh heheh hee!"

She get up in my face poor pitiful human thinks she can challenge a demi god. "Screw you, Conner. Somehow I doubt Wondey going to be happy with your response. I say she should rip your eyes out.

Oh and if I recall, I beat Cass first time round and she beat me second, whilst hopped up on drugs. So we're even.

However, one punch to the groin (assuming you have one) and you were down on your ass."

" Heh HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah. Because I was dumb enough to trust those who call themselves my friends. That little saiyan lovin' whore got me with a lucky shot. Ya think she's really gotta chance now that I know what those gloves can do? I'll make her eat those gloves. Then I'll tear Vinnie apart limb from limb in front of her. Wanna preview lil' miss Deathstroke? Hehe."

She takes out a sword before I break it. Cassie grabs. " What in Hera's name is wrong with you?"

She looks at her hand. " Ewww. Your sweating like an ocean here."

" Red Kryptonite... " I finally stutter.

" Oh that's the excuse you give every time you act like an ass.."

I grin " Yeah an' whens the last time ya actually seen me sweat? I'm holdin' myself together here, but I dunno how long..... I can keep goin."

" your not kidding are you ? This time it's not a lie is it? Conner! How Stupid was that? You trying to go on a mission like this? Hell when Superman is on that stuff he tries to kill every one! And take over the world. "

I grin a little " I'm only half Kryptonian. I can handle it. "

" Oh. And you've been doing so well so far! How long much longer?"

" About five hours." Damn I am sweatin' like crazy.

" So we're going to have to watch our backs for you? " Tim Asked.

" N.. Naw. Just give me somethin' ta hit I'll be fine.Just do me one favor . Cass, Tim, Bart. If I look like I'm gonna go to far , take me down alright? I... Don't want any blood on my hands. "

They all agree. So now we're goin' with the Kree the Inhumans' base.

X-23 stares at me on the the way. " What?" I shout.

" Nothin' I just I like ya better like this than when yer actin' like a Boyscout darlin' " an' then she winks at me. Man I always knew that chick was weird.


Robin said...

Control yourself.

Black Zero said...

No don't contorl it! Give in Embrace the hatred! it will serve you well.

Beast Boy said...

Dude, your going all Lex Luthor on us. All you need is a bald head and a suit.
Seriously. Bald hair would not look good on you.

Kon-El said...

Robin: I tried.

Black Zero: Shut up.

Beast Boy: tell me about it.