Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kon: Robin's been punishing me for no rasin.. Um reason!

Robin has been a total tyrant and keeps makin'me do like triple the trainin' the others do. I dunno why He's doin'that. I haven't done anything!!! But I'll tell ya, sure as that little blonde kid is puttin' all Bart's tranformers in dresses I ain't puttin' up with it!

First I've been payin' Miss Martian with Oreo cookies to take my place. ( What is it with Martians and Oreos?) Yeah the two of us have similar powers, and she's a shape shifter so it works out just fine.

But still this is gettin' ridiculous. I don't mind it when I do something wrong, but when I do nothing well It's time for people to know the truth about Robin. So that's why I made this public service announcement, And put it on buildings in different cities.

Hmmm. Maybe this is too much? Nah.


Robin said...






Batman said...


Kid Flash said...

OH MY GOD! Tim! You kill puppies? You're so heartless!

Superman said...

Conner! Stop slandering your friends!

Kon-El said...

Robin: Been there done that, got the shirt.


Kid Flash: i know think about it when's the last time you saw Krypto???

Supes: Krypto!! He's been missing a year!!!!