Monday, September 03, 2007

Looks like I aint gotta choice.

I'm all healed up from the beatin' with the Kryptonite. But HS told nme about how Evil alternate versions of my self, And the rest of the titans showed up and took Team Legacy with them.

The way he described him sounds like the one from that alternate universe We nicknamed "Titans Tomorrow." Somehow Vincent found out about that reality and that's why he beat on me.

And you know what ? I deserve it. I might as well face it. I'm gonna become a bad guy. I 'm made from half Lex Luthor's DNA. There ain't no way I Around it I was cloned to get close to Superman, and then kill him. Lex made when Supes died . He knew Superman would come back. And I was his weapon.

I tried I really did, but everything I do I screw up. Maybe It's because I ain't made to help people but to destroy them. I fly to Superman's fortress. He ain't around He's still hosting that Next Top Hero show.

I root around until I find the Phantom Zone Projector. I'm gonna banish myself there. Then i don't some screen thing Starts making noises then I recognize it. It's that Thing the Legion of Superheroes gave him. Well not the Legion I was a member of A different Legion that Clark was a member of when he was Superboy.

It somehow like lets you talk or the future or some junk. I see Superman in a weird costume. One that looks kinda familiar. He was talking to someone off the screen.

" What the? Woah this is weird." He stares at me.

" Why's it weird ? What are ya some future Superman or something?" I ask.

" You don't recognize me? "

" Ya look just like any other future Superman I've seen. SO what are like Clark's and Lois' son Grandson? What?"

He slaps his forehead. " Was I really this dumb? Hey I'm you Conner."

" So what are you about to tell me your gonna take over the world or somethin'? "

" Um No. " The other me answers. " Why would anyone want to rule the world? Being Superman is hassle enough thank you very much. "

" Your not evil?" I hopefully blurt out.

" Well I did release the Supermonkey in Tim's Robin Cave last week, but I'd guess not."

Ya know that was a good idea. " So what did ya call to give me a pep talk?"

He shrugs. " No. You see I use this time thingie to call Kal and get advise when I need it. So um Where is he?"

" Hostin' that game show. " I respond.

" Ah. Well see ya in the mirror. "

So. That means in at lest one reality I don't bad? Woo Hoo! I put the projector away , And go back to Titan's Tower, when I go there I find my room strangely clean, and there's like potpourri in there.

" A voice behind me asks do you like it? It's better than the pigsty you left it Kon."

" Kara? What are you doin' here?"

" You mean they didn't tell you? I joined the titans Kon."



Anonymous said...

Man don't make me come over there...

You do a lot of things right and your not the only one who messes up you know

You are not evil

Vincent is just... just... Well don't listen to him

My blood father is Lucifer but you think I am going to be evil?

No I will be like my Dad (Mirai) and my Mom (vampi)

despite that Luthur stuff you still have a choice...

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

I know how it feels to see you self everywhere. kinda creepy, huh.

Black Widow said...

Kon, you have a choice... The fact you were going to banish yourself shows you are not evil

Kon-El said...

HS And Black Widow Thanks

AOC: yes yes it is.