Thursday, September 06, 2007

Kon: Kara you need to get ready for weirdness.

Kara has joined the Teen Titans Like I don't have to deal enough of her around the Fortress of Solitude. Robin just had to give me the excuse. "She's a teen we're here to train teenagers. "

" Your firing me aren't you?" I ask.

" No. Despite the fact that you've quit 3 times since you came back to life. Look it wasn't even my idea it was Wondergirl's take it up with her."

Ok Rob's forced me to do this from the days he was drunk The day he tried to fight Lobo.

For those that don't know Lobo is pretty close to Superman in power, And Robin's not. The only person that tried to help him there was Blue Beetle. The rest of us pointed and laughed. Not sure what was going through Tim's drunk mind. But he looked like he was doing a good impersonation of a purse.

Ok So Kara's here now and she'll have to get used to some weirdness. Like Ravager's greeting to people like the day HS wanted to help me do homework at the Tower!

He was disappointed when I told him she strips like that for everyone.

Let's see oh yeah I once walked in on Raven kissing Beast Boy one word yuck! But Ya know it's not as bad as that crossover we had with the Cartoon Titans and I had to see this.

My Eyes!!!! MY EYES!!!!!!

Oh yes and Kara be prepared to walk in on awkward conversations. Like....

My Ears!!! MY EARS!!!!!!

So tell me Kara do you really want to join up? Do you?


November Rain said...

nothing happen and you know it

you just wont let me live it down will ya

Robin said...

I've been talking with Nightwing and it seems that he'd quite like Kara to join the Outsiders. So, I'm sure Kara will be happy with that. That being Nightwing and not the Outsiders.

Ravager said...

I do not. I repeat, I do not strip down for everybody. The only people I've stripped for is Bart, Robin and your friend.
That's it.

Kon-El said...

November Rain: What?

Robin: Woot! Whoi says complaimnin' don't get ya what ya want?

Ravager: yet that's enough to ta see a patteren