Friday, September 28, 2007

Kon: My Car!

Ya know about my awesome car. Well it used to be a car now it's been reduced to this!


" It was a moral lesson " Robin slurs. Actually it was more like" Ish wwas a moral leeshon."

I start trembling with rage. " What was the lesson? Don't turn my back on you for a second? "

" um Conner , you may want to um control your tactile telekinesis. " Bart warns, " your like blowing up trees and stuff around here."

" I don't care ! " Pieces of road start flying around. " Why couldn't you have used your car?"

Robin stands up to me " I'm the leader! And your the unfocused flying brick! You just had to come back, and disrespect me didn't you? This isn't Young Justice Conner! It's a lot more dangerous!"

I shake ,my head. " Dude I know more than you, remember I had to spend a year in the afterlife? Wait that has nothing to do with anything! You stole my car and did Rao knows what! "

He threw a bunch of Batarangs I was thinking of doing something else but But I before I could do it the Batarangs were just floatin' in the air. Aw man! Since when can I do that?

While starin' at them Everything around us blows up. Stupid power surges. I have to catch Tim before he flies into a boulder. Bart dodged it all. Of course.

I think about hitting Robin for a second.

Then I remember all the rap he's went through in the last couple of years. ya know normally I wouldn't care about that and pop him one any way, but not during a power surge I instead smack the boulder.

I only meant to put a hole in it. Instead, it the bottom half gets shattered into dust. And the top half flies into space, I don't even know how that happened my TK and super strength must be goin' nuts. If I had hit Rob... I let him go.

I try to save face I 'd better not tell any one That my powers are freakin' out again. next thing I'd know Kara would be in my room in Titans Tower, and I'd be runnin ' around as Supernova 3 or somethin'. So I act all tough and try not to blow any objects up while sayin, "You should just be glad you were adopted by a rich dude. "

Then a whole bunch of cops drive up around us. " Uh what do you two do exactly?" I ask.


Kid Flash said...

Underage drinking, kidnapping, car jacking, joy riding, drink driving, speeding, multiple theft offences, vandalism, damage of the state(s), hit and run, illegal parking...That's about it really.

Kid Flash said...

You don't think we'll get in trouble do you?

TX said...

Superman... I think I am going to turn over a new leaf

Robin said...

Hey, considering how many times I've saved the world. Oh by the way Imp, ya forget to include attacking a police officer and stealing state property.

Raven said...

Keep calm Conner, for I sense that the energy you're using for these flactuating feelings will be of use in the grave future that is to follow.

Raven said...

Secondly, in the name of Azar can we improve the Titans security because Jason Todd breaking into my room is quite scary. Not only that but Connor Hawke has been stealing Rose's underwear again.

Kon-El said...

Kid Flash: Great and no ya guys have gotten me into this.

TX : What do ya Think Superman is an idiot?

Robin: great.

Raven: ok I'll try, oh and I agree with ya on the security thing. Freaking King Shark got into my room last week. I really hope he wanted to fight, and not anything else.

RC_8015_Fi said...

you sound a lot like me. big temper and...well, stuff goes flying.