Saturday, September 22, 2007

An ending and review

Next Top Hero has come to an end. There are two players left.

Thousand Faces

And Crater.

After reading those posts you can choose who won, by voting at the poll here.

Now on to other things. I heard something funny from Hal the other day. Apparently Nightwing has fixed up Wonder Woman, and the Batman. though I can't tease him about his apparent Vampirella obsession anymore, this should be interesting.

You know I was surprised when I heard there was a
movie made about my death when I battled Doomsday. Although it brought back some bad memories, i watched it. The Doomsday battle was pretty close to how it happened except it left out the Justice League.

And My return was fairly accurate but there wasn't an evil clone, that took my place, but four other Supermen. I do understand why this was omitted though, Hank Henshaw, and the Eradicator's Origins would take to long to explain in an animated movie.

I give it about 3 out of five stars. Wait a second, Conner's is shouting something at a TV.
" Connner ? What is it?"

" Oh it's one of those high speed pursuits they show on TV all the time Supes. ya know this car looks familiar somehow. "

" Use your Microscopic Vision, to enlarge the image. " I instruct.

"All I see is little dots. " He responds.

Your seeing atoms." I explain. " Go back a little. "

" Ok I did. And Damn it no!!!"

He flies out out in a huff. I use my microscopic vision, and see...

Looks like Robin, and Kid Flash have some explaining to do.


Kid Flash said...


Jean-Luc Picard said...

What is going on, Kid Flash?

Does Clark Kent do the movie reviews on The Daily Planet now?

TX said...

you will not stop my plans

WonderWoman said...

Hal always had a tongue for gossiping.

Kid Flash said...

Hmm, looks like we'll have more than explaining to do by the looks of what REMAINS of his car.