Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kon: What the? Match is gettin what?

Bizarro broke Match out of the S.T.A.R. labs. You know this is when When Superman shoulda been here you know. I can fight Match. I've beaten the dude before. But Bizarro? No way. The dude is as strong as Supes if not stronger.

Oh well at least Kara is off to the Oustsiders, and leavin' the titans Who said complainin' doesn't get ya anything. So I was realxin' at the Tower well I was asleep Ya know gettin' trashed by a twisted version of your father figure will do that.

So when I get a call at three in the morning, I ain't the happiest clone in the world. " Am Cassie not there?" The voice on the other end asks.

" Bart this isn't funny. I told ya to not drink coffee before goin' to bed."

" Me am Bart. Me am not Match." Oh Rao! Not Bizarro speak this early in the morning. It hurts my head when I hear it normally.

" Match what the hell do you want? "

Me am not gettin' married in Bizarro World Me want you go there, since you no am family. Superman, Supergirl too."

I had to let this sink in then I started laughing. " Dude what would marry you?"
I mean seriously look at him!

" Me no want you tell Cassie, me am not sorry since me no find someone else. Tell her me always forget date we no have."

" BWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah sure whatever bud. " Oh man he had a date with Cassie I imagine that goin' something like this comic from passfail studios.

" You know where Inertia not is? Him am not be best man."

" Likely in West City. " I answer. " Oh and if you see a dude there that sorta looks like Vegeta but younger, lemme tell ya how to say 'hi' to him. Ya see Saiyan Princes are greeted by you kickin' them in the family jewels."

" You am not good friend. Me will not kick saiyan Prince in nuts. "

" Yeah don't do that " I snicker. He hangs up. Oh man I can't wait! A bizarro wedding? That'll be comedy gold.


Robin said...

Hey! I can beat Slo-Bo, all I need is a lime, ice and vodka. I WAS SOBER! SOBER! FOR 90 DAYS! I'mma gonna kill that speedy little brat. Damnit that those trees are stalking me again.

Kon-El said...

Tim, That's Lobo not Slobo, And bring back my Car!