Friday, October 19, 2007

I have some questions

First. Why is Vampirella asleep in my Fortress?

Where are her clothes?

Who put her in here?

How did they get in?

Where are they now?

And what is with the mannequin dressed up like a ninja?

Good news is whoever put her here will come back I hope. And when they do I'll ask them about this. One last question. How do I explain this to Lois?


Black Widow said...

is that what ? calls a hiding place and why is she naked... What did ? do

Nightwing said...

You don't need to tell her anything, afterall, what she doesn't know can't hurt her? Right. Anyways, it's not like you did anything at all. So there's really nothing to report.

Anonymous said...

thanks for hiding me but now I must do what a woman must do

Superman said...

Black Widow: Dn't ask me to figure out the mind of the Question.

Nightwing: your right about that.

Vampirella: See you later.