Friday, October 05, 2007

Kon: Augh!

Tim tricked me. And now I'm sleepin' in a bathtub.what's worse is Bart just keeps remindin' me that Tom And Cassie had somethin' goin' while I was dead. Which is why I don't feel so bad that I broke the knob off the radio in Tim's room, where it's stuck on a country station. He hates Country Music.

It has batteries in it that i used my TTK to fuse into the radio, then I welded it into the floor with heat vision. Heh. Enjoy Tim.

Man sleepin' in a tub sucks. I don't have enough room for my legs I broke the faucet with my head. A while ago. My freeze breathe stopped the Water from splashin' on my face, but now it's drippin' like a Chinese water torture.

Ya know If I was like superman, and only needed 3 or four hours of sleep a day this wouldn't be so bad. Nope I need 8 like evreyone else. Forget this! I'm gonna find some empty room and sleep in it instead of doin' this.

After usin' some X-ray vision I find one across the hall. TTK opens the door for me , and I sleep soundly until this voice wakes me up. " You shouldn't be here."

" Woah!" I shout. " Look Pal. I didn't know this room was occupied, I'll just go on."

" Too late!" He shouts " I was finally keeping him inside my brain at night! Now you went and made ma angry by stealing my room! He's coming out!"

Oh great this guy's a nut. I move past him until he falls on the floor and goes into convulsions. I See if he's OK and he gets up all muscly, Not only that but his skin is grey and he's a lot taller than he used to be.

Ya know I once worked with Joe Fixit, Actually he black mailed me. But I didn't know he turned into a little dude. Then I put two , and two together, Little dude turns into a big dude with super strength. "Fixit? your the Hulk ain't ya?"
I ask.

" Yup. An' I'm real grateful that ya let me outta banner's head, But ya still gotta pay fer messin' up my room. So I think a small beatin' oughta cover it. "

"AAAAHHHHH!" is the only thing I can get out before I start running " Tim! Bart! We gotta get outta here now!"


Kid Flash said...

I'm sure playing that country music will make Tim like you more.

Anonymous said...

man you just have bad luck all the way around

Robin said...

It seems the only people who'll be leaving Canada is you and me. Alive, that is.