Saturday, October 27, 2007

Kon-EL: Bizarro weddings are teh suck

I have no idea why the heck I went to this bizarro wedding. I mean Superman warned me to avoid it. I should have known right off that things were gonna go bad. The flower girl threw crap on the church floor .

The usher kicked me in the balls. Lucky for me I'm invulnerable, And he didn't have adamntium gloves and years of training. I've gotta stop lettin' people hit me there.

Oh and worse this was the bride.

I started laughing . Man I haven't had a good laugh at all lately with Robin dating Cassie, and Bart dyin' and all. But this was just too hilarious.

" You am not laughing At Match's bride?" Match mumbles.

" Ha! Nah! Think she's too good for you." I chuckle.

Finally Match laughs. " Ha! This am Match's brilliant plan to trap you! Now me beat you!"

Oh cool! A fight. I've been needin' to work off some steam.

Then Inertia shouts " Wait this was all a plan to get into a fight with Superboy? I rented a damn tux!"

" No." match smiles "Am this not brilliant plan?"

" Oh come on!" Thadeus Thawne shouts in disgust " Ya coulda just asked him to step outside. Ya know what I went through ta get a date for this thing? I even went out with Bart's ugly freak of a girlfriend! Just to win some points with her hotter aunt! Damn it!"

" You do want help me fight Superboy?" Match asks.

" No! I mean maybe I would've if ya told me this was the plan but since I went through all this crap for nothing no sprokin' way! Grife! "

match charges me , but it seems he doesn't have a lot of his powers anymore just the same ones I have no invisibility or teleportation or TTK. Just the good ol' Superman powers an' I'm usin' them better since my brain ain't screwed up by bein' a Bizzaro, that and I've been doin' a lot of fight training before and since the tournament I was in.

He was taken down quick, and I leave this stupid planet Guffawing the whole way. Worst supervillian plan ever! Hey I think there's a planet with an awesome alien strip club on it, and the drinkin' age is like 15! Oh this is gonna be sweet!

Meanwhile. Inertia: " Hey wait! Superboy! Come back take me back to Earth! Damn It he can't hear me.. No wait. he has super hearing. That punk is ignorin' me!"

Match: " This is not good. You can no stay on Bizarro World, and be my worst pal for never, and never and..."

Inertia : "AAAAAAH!"


Anonymous said...

deserves Inertia right for what he called Justice, he is just saying that because she wouldnt let him get to first base let alone past it

Inertia said...

yeah keep tellin' yerself that, amnd while yyour at it tell Justie to lay off the twinkies.

Kon-El said...

HS. Yeah One of the many reasons i left the punk.

Inertia: Uh Huh. we all know yyour in love with yourself dude, Probably why ya stalk Bart

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