Monday, October 01, 2007

Darkseid on Earth?

I have returned from the battle With the terminators, the Aliens, and Predators. I left Batman, because he wanted to search for Jason who he saw get injured.

Bruce always considered Jason his greatest failure, and sometimes he doesn't think because of it. But if anyone can take care of himself it's the Batman. I took a nap and Lois wakes me up. " Clark You need to see this!"

I yawn. " Lois what did Chris do now ?"

Lois huffs. " It isn't Chris it's his "older brother". Conner joined his little friends on their cross country rampage. "

"Great Krypton! I had better go and stop them. " I sigh. Then my JLA communicator beeps. " Hey Clark" It was John Stewart, " Uglies from Apokalyps have been popping up all over the planet, and Darkseid is in West City. "

" Looks like the Titans will have to wait. " I state.
Lois kisses me . "Be careful."

" Always " I reassure.

the trip to West City takes about a minute, since I don't want to pour on my full speed at inhabited areas. There I find Darkseid bragging as usual. he was holding these silver spheres with stars on them, they kind of look like giant marbles. if I know one thing from all the times I have battled him, if Darkseid has them, they are powerful.

I land in front of him. And command him to leave the planet.

"Arrogant as usual I see." I snort. " Gosh I don't seem to be communicating this effectively how can I make it clearer to you?"

I can think of many ways but the easiest is.

I then ask " Am I getting through to you now?"

" I told you when we had our one on one fight, On that asteroid, a while back, that I would humiliate you through out the Universe, if you didn't leave Earth alone. Looks like I have to make good on that threat. "

" Things have changed Kryptonian." Darkseid announces. " I can have anything I want, But first I believe you should be broken by one of your comrades. Son Goku! Attend your master and rid the world of this filth!"

I'm shocked when I'm attacked by my friend.

And a little surprised to see Batman here. Well maybe not he is workaholic.I see Shield, Superheroes, and a few villains, fighting the gods.

While I knock away Goku who transforms into his fifth super level.

" Superman You couldn't stop Vegeta at Supersaiyan 4 level ! Now here you die!"

I shake my head. " You must really be out of your mind Goku-San.Or you would know, our fight wasn't at full force, neither Vegeta or my self wanted to kill each other, or any person that watched the battle, And you should know that."

I fly into his face and punch him with my full power, windows shatter for miles around. He recovers from his surprise fairly quickly and fires to throw a Kamehameha. I deflect the energy with my heatvision.

Omega beams sear me from behind. while I'm distracted By Darkseid, Goku Kicks me into the street below. Darkseid's grey craggy face smiles. " Now you are where you should be Man of Steel, at my feet!" He stomps my face. " Now we finish him Goku Fire your blast, while I use my Omega Effect, this will finally put Superman, out of my misery forever."

A blast from the horizon knocks Goku off of me, I push Darkseid's foot off of me , in time to see at least a 100 saiyans join the battle , Vegeta floating above. " You owe me one Kal-El. Now Kakarot you Clown! Prepare to kneel to your King!"

i crack my knuckles and grin. " That just leaves you and me Darkseid. "


Robin said...

Oh yeah. Sure, when I do some thing bad it's a cross-country rampage. When Conner does something bad, he just doesn't 'understand'.

Ravager said...

"Hey, look it's Darksied. We should go help. Lets get the Outsiders and go down there!"

"Look. Rose we are just that close to finding Kon's Maxim issues"

"Beast Boy get your behind out that door or I'll kick it there and Joey stop encouraging him!"

"FINE! God...I'll just take the girls you and Joey can get to know your hands..."

So if you're wandering why we didn't turn up with the guys.
That's why.
Ugh. men.

Kid Flash said...

Show Darksied why you're super and a man! KICK HIS ASS!

Superman said...

Robin: Ask Lois.

Ravager: More information than I needed.

Kid Flash : I did.

Chaoswargreymon said...

"I WANT TO FIGHT!" says a voice

superman turns around

"You wouldn't fight without me would ja?"

it's sonic the heagehog