Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's my fault!!

Bart's dead because of me . If I hadn't have upset Joe Fixit. We wouldn't have ended uo hiding in that room, All three of us under a blanket. Or what I like to call creepy time. If I had Just taken my beating like a man, well.. it maybe I could have saved him.

It didn't matter that I escaped the Hulk or not because the commotion of the villains fighting us attracted him anyway. And he knocked me outta the building.

I put up a good fight, I zapped him with heat vision, Blew him up with TTK Then Finally froze him on the ground until i froze him with my breathe .

I thought it was over, until he shatters the ice. I just haul off and pop him one. He falls, and I keep doing it until finally my punches didn't affect him anymore. Then he just laughs. And beats me down.

" Ya know kid. It wouldn't have been so bad if ya didn't run , or scream like a little girl." i just moan, as he leaps off then when I stumble back into the motel room I find that Bart's dead.

I've been thinkin' about every Resurrection thing I know. Called Vella(Who's still pissed at me by the way.) And she said the Dragon balls can only be used once a year, and that still isn't up yet.

Everything else is out, because he's likely in the Speed Force , and not in any after life. Cassandra (Wonder Girl not Batgirl)wanted to talk about her relationship with Robin. Me I didn't even see any point anymore.

I mean I get it, I was dead, For all I know I coulda done it with Spoiler, I have like no memory of the aferlife. That and I ain't been exactly faithful since my return.

Maybe I should go to the Fortress Of Solitude see if there's anything there that can bring Bart back. I mean something there brought Supes back . Who knows? Just hope This place isn't overrun with Inertias from Tim's cloning experiments when I get back.


Justice said...

Dont blame yourself

Robin said...

Clones? What clones? Dear fellow, I know nothing of these experiments requiring the replication of DNA of which you speak of. Nothing at all.


I don't have you, or Cass's, or any of the other Titan's DNA in a huge DNA databank.


Kon-El said...

Justice : i can't help it

Robin: Ok Tim We Belive now settle down