Thursday, December 27, 2007

So how was my Christmas?

Not bad. It doesn't matter why I received What I enjoyed is the reactions of my friends, and family.

Kara: That necklace she's been hinting about.

Chris: Those Hot Wheels race tracks, and some transformers.

Conner: Speakers for his car though I don't know why, he has super hearing, and really shouldn't be carrying around that Wrestling Championship belt at the breakfast table.

Bruce: I enhanced his training room with Kryptonian technology.

Diana: alien battle armor.

Ma And Pa: A formula that gave them my powers for a day.

Lois: A night alone In New York City. Free Image Hosting at

I hope every one else had a Happy Holiday.


Professor Xavier said...

Ooh, where can I get that formula?

Superman said...

Well. It only works once and for twenty four hours... But we can mauybe work something out.

November Rain said...

merry xmas Superman.. I am sure HS is prob shopping for souvinir xmas presents for Kon

He was all mad to have to go to Drakulon for the holidays with Vampi and Justice while the mansion is being renovated