Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kon: Livin' with the Legacy

So our giant "T" has been stolen. I still say it was some tea makin' company. But oh well no one listens to me. Especially when I said I could just spend the night at the Kent Farm not everyone interrupts me.

So we all go there in the Jet that somehow didn't get jakked. I took a nap in the back and got this weird dream, It as me wearing this black ring. But my face was zombie lookin' and I said " The Blackest Night is coming and I want my Soul!"


“Oh get off it Conner.” Robin sighs, "It's not that bad. Just stay out of Vincent's way."

Raven gave me an odd look. “Some dreams can be prophetic young Conner." And then we go into the Legacy House. It didn't start off well First Inertia Hand Beast boy had a wrestling match over the remote.

Maybe I should ask to work part time at the federation I work at? Nah. Inertia and Beast boy both would drool over the divas. I gotta work with these people. Any way it was quiet for a while after that I was eating a sandwich in the kitchen When Cass (Cain) and Vince walked in from different doors. They both stared at each other.

“Um hey... Cass how's it going?"


" So we're taking it slow so I'll um go." Vincent stutters.

" No. you.. Don’t.. Have to... um..." Then they started making out.Free Image Hosting at Man! I'm tryin' to eat here! When clothes started gettin' torn I ran outta there.

I hid in the room they gave me for a while. But it's the Question's old room, and it creepy. That and I used some kinda hair gel, and when I accidentally stepped on a canister and gas came out of it my hair changed color. I now have brown hair arggh!

Hoping that's gonna were off. I run to one of the showers, and I see a blonde female form. Cool I think I can surprise Cassie (Sandsmark.) I open the curtain, and “Stephanie!" I shout.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Was her response Then she started throwing towels at me .

"Sorry! Sorry!" I yell running. Back to Question's creepy room it is then.

About fifteen minutes later. I hear a knock on the door and a angry heartbeat I know it's Tim right off.

“Before ya break out the Green K Rob, let just say it was an accident!"

“You saw Steph Naked!” He kicks down the door.

" I know it was a mistake."

" I haven't see her naked and you have?" He hollers.

" Ya really should. " I say. “Wait that came out wrong. Besides that's the same as you dating Cassie while I was dead."

His face goes red. “How’s that the same?"

"Well it's similar."

Then Rob wanders off mumbling about gettin' even. Oh Man this is gonna be a bad night.


Robin said...

How is it similar?
You were both dead and I me and Cass were both single. However you decided to go pay Cass a shower visit and ended up with Steph. Where's the similarities?

I'd sooooo totally quadruple your training right now...if I had a training room to send you to.

Kon-El said...

Yeah it is completley different. What I did was a mistake. You did your stuff on purpose.

Did you at least wait unti I was cold in the ground or did you make out right over my body while Superboy Prime cheered you on during the Infinite Crisis?

Robin said...

I'm offended.

Really, I am.

I'm not that kind of person.

The thing is Conner you make a lot of mistakes, actually, too many mistakes. I did my stuff on purpose

Neither me or Cass were counting the days till your death, our relationship occured after you were buried, had a bronze statue made, Cass leaving the Titans, all the line-up changes and my attempts to clone you.

So, yeah, you were cold in the ground.

November Rain said...

boys boys boys

will you ever kiss and make up er I mean forget about the kiss and make up

Kon-El said...

Neh It's my fault for expecting evreything to be the same after coming back.

I mean for you guys a year went on for me Superboy Prime smack in the big machine thing, darkness, Wake up in a cornfield alive.

Sorry I went off the handle it's just it wasn't my favorite change.

Novy I'd make up with him so I'd never eeever have to hear about kissing him again, gross.

Robin said...

It's cool, hopefully you'll love your christmas prezzie.
Hahaha, I said prezzie.

Kon-El said...

Prezzie? Ya got me a pretzel?