Sunday, December 09, 2007

Kon: Search for Spoiler

I was woke up with the screaming of “Titans Together!" And Of course I say my first thing dumb thing of the morning. “Not now Jessica Simpson." Cassie smacks me in the head.

“What? I'm up. What?"

She rolls her eyes “Let’s just go."

Seems Robin and Rose got some kind of feeling that Spoiler was kidnapped by Deathstroke. Rose I kind sort of see since she has a bit of precog ability, but since when did Tim go all "Deadzone" on us?

" We have to go to Bludhaven." Rob said.

" Hey since we're doin' the whole psychic thing we can make a killin' at the lottery. " I joke, Cass elbows me in the gut.

“This isn't the time for fun Conner God knows what Slade is doing to Stephanie. "

I pat him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry bud we'll get her back and put Slade in traction for a while. No offense Rose, and Joey."

Rose snorts "As long as I get to put him in traction, I don't care. "

So we all load up into the jet and fly to Bludhaven. Oh joy Bludhaven again. Huh. Truns out Robin was right since there was like big green glowing giant monkeys fighting with Super villains.

We find Batgirl wrestling with Slade And I think Slade was a little too happy about that if ya know what I mean. The Titans join the battle with the Legacy guys and gals. Seems so weird them bein' in a fight without Question , and Saiyaman hovering around.

Vincent knocks Mammoth off of himself and glares at me. “You!"

“Hey Vincent pal this ain't the time...” His fist interrupts me my mouth.

Wondergirl shouts at Batgirl. “Get your pet off of my boyfriend! We're on the same side here. "

Batgirl Kind of mutters like usual. “Vincent.. Is as.. Human as Kon. Besides.. I can't stop him when he gets like this."

“Yeah right!" Wonder girl growls knocking out Titania’s. “You know I'm still a little mad at that affair you had with Conner."

Deathstroke smiles under his mask. “Seems you little heroes can't get along."

What was weirdest was Spoiler was fighting Robin, and hitting on anything that moved man she must be on that serum.

While me and Vincent were wrestling in the sky she yells “Yeah baby! Now rip each others shirts off!"

Tim Shouts Steph this isn't you!"

“Aw don't be jealous Boy Wonderful there's plenty of me to go around.”

I must admit I was distracted by that I mean gross. And I get Vince's knee in my gut. " Now feel my true power bastard." He laughs. He then turns into this

Next thing I know the dude is mega strong and throwing me through what's left of buildings like I was a rag doll. I Blast him with Heat Vision and I freeze breathe him.

When he breaks out of the ice I feel that power surge again and a massive TK blast knocks him away. I smile. " Touchdown."

He gets up and I dropkick the saiyan he flies several feet and when he gets to his he gets a Superboy special DDT. When I do the DX chop, he punches me in the groin.

“Clone idiot!" Vince sneers. “You deserve all this pain and more for that robot!"

I Huff. " Ya really love Cass Cain Don't cha?"

He makes this noise like pfft!" Which is Vegetaese for " He knows I feel things! Quick act like a dick!"

The Parasite grabs onto both of us. Where the heck did he come from? He saps out some of our energy, and then something happens and it explodes out of him leaving ol' Rudy ko'd.

" Heh. Looks like our energies ain't compatible." I smile.

" I could have told you that. " Vincent growls. “Now we've wasted enough time here eat this bean, and we'll help save Spoiler.”

“What are we good now?" I ask.

“Yes I hurt you. You hurt me just don't make no more Batgirl love bots and we'll be fine. "

“Beleive me I ain't doing that anymore."

" Good. Eat the bean it'll heal you. "

He wasn't lying I wonder where he gets these things. Ah well never mind back to the bad guy fightin'."


Robin said...

It's because I'm made of awesome Conner. That's why I knew.

You however are not made of awesome, you're made of the DNA of both Lex and Kal.

I'm just made of pure awesome.

That's why I'm the leader (who knows these things).

Because I am awesome.

Kon-El said...

Hey did lead the Ravers. I never had pshycic powers with it.

Maybe ya 'd better maksure bats ain't expimentin' on ya inyour sleep

Anonymous said...

boy will be boys

Robin said...

You lead the Ravers, and where exactly did you lead them to?
Hey! The only person experimenting is me, I'll have Bart alive in no time. Well, I would if our home wasn't stolen!

And then I could bring my mom and dad back to then we could spend Christmas together!

Dear God, who'd steal a giant T?

Kon-El said...

Vampirella: Yeah I guess.

Robin: To victories over third tier Villians?

And dude if ya clone them it won't be them. Am Thje same as Supes or Lex? nooooo. Then again techinaclly I'm not really a clone I guess. But still ya need the brains of whoever yer clonin' for the personility to be the same and I think your parents have rotted a way by now.

Tommy tomorrow? i got no clue. Sorry about Steph.