Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Kon Attacked

I've had no problem with Kon's friend ship with HS . Nor HS rather unique family. In fact I was rather impressed that Vampirella and Mirai Trunks, would adopt Hs. Reminds me of how The Kents took in a certain baby from a space ship.

But today Kon came stumbling into the Daily Planet bleeding from his neck.

Jimmy screeched like a woman. Then turning on that Signal Watch. In case your wondering yes the sound it makes is incredibly annoying. Imagine Gilbert Gotfreid screaming " Zee! Zee! Zee! " right next to you and you have a pretty good idea.

So I make my usual " oh no the sight of blood! I'm going to be sick." excuse and get to the store room. To change from Clark To Superman. I fly in through the window , to the sight of Jimmy cradling Kon.

And Kon waking to that and shouting " Dude what are you doing?"

" I thought you were cold ! I mean your not wearing a shirt..."

" Get away! "

I interrupt by clearing my throat. To which Jimmy squeals " Superman !" and runs up to me starts asking me all kinds of questions. Most of them were if I'd visit his apartment. Not after last time.

I take Kon out of there and to my Fortress , in case he couldn't fly himself. I ask him what was happened. Vampi went nuts she hypnotised me or something. Made me get in bed with her then she bit me!

Great Krypton! I know how she dresses is a bit unconventional, but I would have never thought her to try to seduce a 17 year old boy. Well okay he's closer to two being a clone and all.

I take a sample of Kon's blood and let the Fortresses computers analyze it while he's being scanned by a Kryptonian version of an MRI, but far more advanced.

" Kon You'll be happy to know all the tests Say you weren't injected with venom."

"He sighs in relief " How was she able to bite me in the first place? "

" I suppose the fact that we have no defenses against magic. I was once bitten by a vampire that claimed he was Dracula."

" What happened?" he asks.

" His head exploded. Now stay here , and rest I'm going to have a talk with HS' parents."

" Don't be too hard on them alright? From what I hear Vampi just was hurt mentally in some kinda fight or some stuff."

" Don't worry about it." I reassure before I fly to West City. First Vegeta kidnaps him, for some stupid game show, and now Vampirella bites him. What in Rao's name is going on down there?

On the way There I see Mirai. Even I have would have trouble telling him apart from Trunks if it wasn't for the hair. He beckons me toward him. Good we both rational, well at least he's more rational than his father. ( Though sometimes I think The Hulk is more rational than Vegeta.)

"I wanted to talk to you about Vampirella." I say.

" How about we talk about the little rape clone your raising? How about we speak of that?" He snarls.

" Rape clone? Vampirella attacked Kon. "

" Oh I bet you believe everything your kid says don't you?"

" No. But I can hear his heartbeat speed up when he's lying, he wasn't."

Mirai Becomes irrational transforms and attacks me. Normally I would be in for a battle , but this time he was slow.

I was able to avoid his blasts and punches easily. I couldn't believe this. Normally this man is pretty calm. Then he takes out his supposed magic weapon.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I've heard from other heroes that his sword was forged from a alternate version of Thor's hammer.

I've learned through experience Mjolnir hurts. I 've also learned that Thor is an easy target for Heat Vision. That and he's so surprised when someone catches his hammer That he'll sit there for minutes staring so that certain someone can knock him out.

Either way I was going to avoid this blade. Not that it matters. Mirai passes out in a couple of minutes. I could take him to STAR labs, but I have doubts they can hold him for long if he gets violent.

I take him to my fortress . After scanning him I find he's suffering from massive blood loss. More so that Kon. Not sure where his newly violent temper has come from.

I put Mirai In a cell and give him a small sedative. While I study the scans. Hmmm Saiyans are much like humans , and Kryptonians. They even seem to absorb certain energies. For some of their power. Though Mirai has organs , that I have no idea what they do.

That'll have to wait. I call his Mother to to let her know That he's here . I would normally call Vampirella But I think she's the cause of his condition.

" Hello ?" A tired voice answers.

" Dr. Briefs? This is Superman. I have your son Mirai in my fortress." He starts screaming at me and threatening Kon at this moment. I thought that sedative would work longer. " As you can hear in the background."

"I'm glad you have him there " she answers. " Him And Trunks both, have been controlled by Vampirella's sister Draculina. A couple of days ago they got into a fight with their Dad. Can you keep him there Until We figure out a way to break Draculina's hold on them? "

" I suppose so." I answer." Would you like my help in any other way?"

"No. My daughter , and her husband are about to catch Trunks, If I can think of anything I'll call you back. Thank you."

" Your welcome." She hangs up I turn to Kon. " Looks like we have a guest."

" he looks at the psychotic half saiyan punching the force field, that's keeping him in his cell. " Joy."


Anonymous said...

kon having sex with Mom is so uncool

Superman said...

Not sure he had much choice.