Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The silent treatment.

Man I've been gettin' yelled at from everyone About the whole Vampi seduction thing. Okay I just recently found out it was Draculina. But still she 's mind controlling' Thor . I guess It's Thor. I mean it could be That doofus Clor.

That dork gives all us clones a bad name . What's his idea about ending a fight ? Blowing up people's chests. That and he's creepy as all get out. He he has these weird cold eyes. Also he can be turned off like a robot.

Hey your a person kinda, don't let Stark, and Richards use an off switch on ya! Ok enough on Clor. Except to those other clones out there, I don't mean your not people just not sure what ya call a god clone is all. Or how you clone a god for that matter.

Any way She's taken over lots of other people, like um, Iron man. No wait that doesn't help my case! , um Hercules, No. That's almost as bad. Um Wonder man, Oh never mind that guy's so desperate it's funny.

Um uh no Trunks is a massive horndog, um Mirai Yeah she took over Mirai , And Thor who has to be the real one since he talks in the Shakepsphere English. ( I hope.)

I think Vlad once took over Sif's mind so there's like a precedent. Ok Anyway. Kal yells at me. After he makes sure I'm not going to turn into Krypto Vamp. Well what's worse is someone has been sendin' emails about The Vampi Draculina thing to everyone.

Hs asked s Titans to help look or his real mom. While we were at were discussing our options, Cassie storms in and punches me. " Is this true ? " she screams.

She hands me an email printout, with this picture.

" Yeah Cass Lemme explain..." She just wraps her lasso around me and makes it shock me. Then she stalks out of the room. It's times like these I wish I just stayed dead.

Then Vella the little saiyan girl well by little I mean she looks about 15 but somewhat acts like a shy kid. Punches me in the gut. What was scary was her eyes turned green and her hair turns sort of blonde for like a second.

Great. I look down at the email. It's signed "?". The Question!
Ya gotta be freakin' kidding me! I don't have much of a memory about my time in the after life but I seem to remember him popping up there for a few seconds once evrey week about this time. Then he'd just go back.

What was Mr " Fluoride 's not for toothpaste, but it makes our teeth visible for satellite surveillance. " hanging around outside with a camera? Arrgh! Why can't that faceless weirdo just pay attention to his relationship with the Huntress and leave the rest of us alone?

So now Cassie refuses to talk to me and I'm just wondering. Who else is going to punch me?


Robin said...

Who will punch you next?
That sure is a tempting question to answer...though you hit ten times harder than me.

Justice said...


Justice said...

hey careful the kid mght do it LOL

Anonymous said...

I am surprise Justice didnt do it

Raven said...

I sense that Wonder Woman plans to castrate you.

Superman said...

No Diana.

Kon-El said...

Rob: Oh joy.

Justice No I distracted Bart with video games

hs sigh.

Raven : Then I'll be sure to avoid her.

Kal: Thanks.