Wednesday, January 10, 2007


So I'm gettin' outta school, and I see a bunch of AMR 3 contestants. saleing lemonade, in the winter. I don't understand it either. Well I'm gonna go buy one from Warbird , I mean look at her.

When I'm about to get a closer look, HS drags me over to his grandfather. " Look man." I protest. " I wanna check out that action over there Your Grandpa doesn't even like me and Wolverine really doesn't."

" Come on. Just help them out, and you can check her out all you want later. "

So I bought one not that I really needed too. A bunch of girls and weirdos bought the rest up from Wolverine. So while drinking it I avoid looking at Scott bouncing around Tak's nude stand ( Yuck! )

I focus in on War bird, And use My X- Ray vision. While I'm mumbling " Yeah your a bad girl, turn around baby aw yeah."

Someone grabs my collar. "Your coming with us!" Says the short Saiyan Prince.

" Say what now ?"

"Do you want me to hurt you Kon? Or how about I start yelling out your real name?"

No Way is this guy gonna blow my secret id in front of everyone then I take look at his eyes, and yeah he would. So I end up in the back seat of a SUV in my Superboy costume With some weird camera man who was eating these horribly smelly potato chips.

" You know." He whispers. " Those two are insane."

" Your telling the guy they kidnapped that?"

Oh yeah ya know there's this rumor that Vegeta is somehow telepathically bonded to Bulma . Yeah it 's true. How do I know this ? Well he fell asleep. And stared talking in her califonia girl accent.

" So the problem is in the phase induction , if I just modify the coils..... OW! I broke a nail!"

Yeah that was creepy. Not as creepy as when he broke out in show tunes with her accent. I think I may be traumatized. Finally we reach some place called Springfield. And they take me to some weird place crawlin' with soldiers.

" Distract 'em bub!" Wolverine says.

" What how?" I ask.

" You'll think of something boy." Vegeta responds.

" I hate you both. " I mumble as I go to the sentries. I did the first thing that came to mind. I started singing " I think I'm Cute I Know I'm sexy ! I got the looks that drive the women wild ! I'm just a sexy boy! I'm not your boy toy!"

Of course they start laughing and start throwing things at me. Meanwhile Logan, and Veg sneak in then a few minutes later they start blowing stuff up What the freak is the distraction for if they're gonna start blowing things up in a few minutes? Jerks. So I wait there while all kinds of different colored energy blasts are expelled.

What looks like Paris Hilton is blasted off on one of them. Then it's quiet for hours. These weird things are makin' strange noises that freak me out, when finally Superman shows up. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Conner there you are! Do you know Ma, is worried sick about you?" I tell hi everything he just sighs. " I'll take care of those two. Let's get you back ho,me Ma has some apple pie made for you."

Sweet ! Ma Kent's apple pie at least something good'll come outta this mess.


cooltopten said...

Paris hilton cyborgs are the worst.
I think there only weekness is if you take the main processor card out of them ..there credit card .then they are screwed :) .good work

Anonymous said...

better you than me

I have seen my dad get up and sleep walk and drink moms blood from the wine bottle... yuck

Kid Flash said...

That wouldn't happen to be the Pie I stole for Justice would it?
Kid Flash.

Kon-El said...

Cool: I remember that

HS eew

Bart: yes it was darn you