Saturday, January 27, 2007

Me vs. Thor, Again

Mirai's son Had Visited, and left. He shown some anger of the fact that we had his father locked up in the fortress.

he left telling Kon he's stay in his at his aunt and uncle's for the rest of the day. I called Lois. " How's Conner ?" She she asked.

" He's already healed, The problem is Mirai. He's still somewhat raving, but I think. He may be ready to see the truth, at least I hope so."

Our conversation is cut short by alarms blaring all over the fortress. I find Thor is attacking it. I fly outside to confront him.

" What is this about?" I demand!

" Thou shalt free the lady's husband at the once Kryptonian villain! I had paid so much attention to Thor, That I hadn't seen Draculina behind him. Great Krypton! She took control of Thor? She's starts screaming " Kill him Thor! I command it!"

"Aye my lady! This monster shalt be sent to Hela's grasp!" He boasts.

" So it's come to this has it? " I shake my head sadly.

Thor answers by pounding the ground with his hammer. The tow of us trade savage punches.

As the fight goes on I notice we're are no longer in the Artic. I had been speed blitzing him, and he had been throwing lightning. I must have missed him opening a portal. His magic must have dulled my senses.

I'm thrown through a grove of trees. The thunder god swings his weapon And begins boasting while he does that I unleash a barrage of heatvision straight at his chest.

He goes into " Warrior Madness" screaming and charging at me. I catch his hammer before it breaks through my head. I then answer with a devastating hay maker of my own.

The battle doesn't end there. His madness makes him a formidable opponent, actually calm he's pretty tough. After I'm struck by numerous blasts of magic lightning. I'm reeling . He sets up the so called " god blast " where he uses some of his own power along with the hammer's I dodge the energy, and fly at him he blocks a nother blast of Heatvision with Mjolnir.

I freeze the ground beneath his feet putting him off balance. I punch him over , and over , at superspeed. Not letting him get another chance. To command the elements. I even hit him with more heatvision. At last after an epic struggle I knock him out.

At that Moment I'm jumped by several Avengers. It seems the this was all a set up to get me here. After the battle with Thor I'm too weak to defend myself. , Until I hear " Great Hera! Conner was right they are killing him!"

In My vision blurs, before I pass out I see The Justice Leauge of America, launch a counterstrike against the Avengers. I wake up To Batman Diana , and Wally staring at me.

" I told you can't keep the big red S down!" Wally grins.

" Well I feel like I just tried to lift a planet, and it fell on me." I mutter trying to get my bearings. " The Avengers?"

" We fought them off." Aquaman declares way too proudly.

" How did You know to come here?" I question.

" Conner called us. " Diana says. " He said the Fortress ' power went out , and Mirai escaped. When the power came back the screen showed you fighting Thor, and The Avengers waiting in ambush. "

Bruce gruffly joins in " Why were you keeping the Saiyan boy Prisoner? Would you like to explain why you were fighting a team of Avengers?"

I tell bring them up to date on everything that has happened . And finish with " if this Draculina now controls the Avengers she's a global threat."

" The kind of threat we were brought together to face." Bruce oddly smiles.

" Yeah! Let's go bust some heads!" The Flash shouts.

" Yes but remember the Avengers, and Mirai are just being controlled n they are not evil." I remind them.

" I'm not so sure about Iron Man." Diana spits. " I enjoyed hitting him just now , and would enjoy doing so again. "

I'm not sure if she's kidding or not.


Robin said...

Angry Wonder Woman? Oh Lord...Just be prepared Supes. Hell Hath No Fury Like Wonder Woman Scorned.

cooltopten said...

You should of turned Thor into a nail with your heatvision then hamered him into the ground with his own hammer :)

Kid Flash said...

Are you sure that's the real Thor? Didn't Tony make a clone Thor called Clor?

Superman said...

higtxvRobin : I know believe me.

Cool: hmmmmm

Kid flash : I'm not sure.