Monday, April 02, 2007

Stayin' alive.

Ya Know I had a pretty good if short life. Like that time I fought off that Invasion from another universe, in that Costume that Tim, and Bart bet me $20 each I wouldn't wear.

Ok so what if it was an invasion of cute fuzzy animals? Hey I stopped it! Man I really hope Scarlet Spider Don't keep complainin' about how unfair being dead is again. Wait a second I'm breathing, and it hurts way too much to be dead.

I open my eyes to see Lex Luthor starin' at me. " Welcome back Son."

" I ain't your son!" I shout.

" That may be so. I scanned some odd differences in your DNA. That and all the programming I Had put into your brain is gone. It's as if when you came back it was in a new body. Tell me Kon. How did you come back? "

" Forget it jerk! I ain't tellin' ya anything!" I start to fly out of there crash through a roof. When i get out I realize I don't know where I am And the pain starts up again Damn it !

Looks like I'm gonna crash, and burn. Until I feel someone grab me.

"You look pretty energetic for someone who's supposed to be at death's door." Kal jokes.

When we land. " I go" people tell me I look like you."

He laughs. " They're just being nice.

" Where's Luthor?" His tone changes.

I point. "The place where I just kamakasied out of." While Supes checks the place. i look at my chest. The holes are closing So I don't have that stupid body tries to eat itself if I get too hurt thing. any more . That's a relief. it looks like my healing ability is souped up as well.

Superman flies back. " I can't find him anywhere. He's gotten away again. Kon You don't look so good!" Next thing I know I'm back in dream land. And what a dream it is.

Cass Cain, X-23, Nocturne and Kitty Pryde All cheering my name "Conner! Conner!"

I wake up too One Of the girls in the dream actually saying my name, well whispering it. " Conner?" I look around I'm in my room at Titans Tower.

" Hey Cassandra. Whatcha doin' here?"

" Tim said you were going to die... I wanted to say goodbye because I couldn't last time."

That made me flash back to the last death.

" Don't worry." I tell her." I don't plan on dyin' again for a long time."

" Don't get too close Conner." voice from the corner scolds Tim's " She has a boyfriend now."

"Dude!?' I shout. " Ya finally asked her out? And she said yes?! Sweet! Way to go Timbo!"

Batgirl gives me her puzzled look. While Tim Said " It isn't me."

" But your the one with the crush on her." I answer confused.

" I do not have a crush on her Kon!" Cass looks over to him. he puts his finger to his head and spins it around. " He's crazy Cass."

" Man ! you really are asexual aren't ya?" I grin.

" I'm not asexual!" Robin screams.

" Tim ya kicked out naked Ravager from you room. I know she's annoyin' but come on look at her body!"

Robin grits his teeth. " Not all of us are a living hormone Kon!"

" Wait a minute that clonin' lab ya had my clothes in there.. Tim is there something you want to tell me?"

" Arrgh!" He groans. " I am not talking with you anymore!" he slams the door. on his way out.

Cass gives me a stern look. " What?" I shrug. " He needs to be made fun of once in a while. It keeps him human. Unlike Bats."

" He had a crush on me?" She questions.

" Yeah. " I said. " You didn't know?"

" No... And he fixed me up with my boyfriend too."

" I guess he's over it then ." I shrug. " So tell me about this boyfriend of yours ."

And then My Doors are blown up by that jerk Vincent Briefs. My first room stolen by a Starbucks. my second one messed up by a punk kid on a hormone /saiyan blood cocktail.

" Kon- El!" he challenges. " I see your going to live . Good! Now wnow I have challenged you to fight me at the Boudokai! Why haven't you signed up? are you a coward?"

I'm about to get up and Kick this little wannabe outta my room, when my chest cramps up. So I lay back down. " Look pal I don't speak Japanese I don't even know what a Boodoki is!"

He throws me a pamphlet. " A martial arts tournament . It's all there. Now do you except the challenge?"

I read through it a bit. " If you wanna fight me why not just find some out of the way place where we can really use our powers?"

" Because I want to show everyone that your nothing but a wind bag!" he sneers. I notice his hair has been all blonde the whole time. Not really sure what that means except his Dad, and other saiyans get mega strong when they're like this.

" Vincent." Cass sort of scolds. I mean she always talks so low when she actually talks. She starts rubbing his face. " Calm your self. Power down."

" But Dad said..."

" It's making you angry... Kon is injured fighting him now would be ... not a test of your skills."

He starts breathing slowly, and his hair turns black. " I don't know why Dad wants me to stay supersaiyan you have to stay mad to keep it up. He says it's some kind of training, but I keep breaking everything I try to hold. "

Cass smiles. " Then don't hold me."

" Aw wait a minute!" I declare. " Cass you and him? He's your... ?"

" Yes he is." she grins.

Aw man! the world's greatest human fighter, and "Vegeta Jr." As I like to call him. if these two have kids.... Damn ! That's a scary thought.

I Glare at the boy for reasons of his own declared me his enemy. " Fine I'll fight ya. I should be healed up by then. As for Cass you'd better treat her right,Or the beating you'll get at the Bouda thingie will pale in comparison to what I'll do you! "

" Jealous? " He smirks.

" Nah. " I answer. " Just wanna see her happy for once you don't know the hell Deathstroke put her through. She'd likely still be there, if I hadn't ran in all maverick like to see why she'd turned evil. The Titans followed me, and we found Out Slade was behind it all. He was tryin' to make some kinda Anti-Titans. Luckily we nipped that one in the bud. Though Robin gave me one of his big lectures about how I don't follow orders. "

His face goes all soft, and he looks her in the eyes. " Did this happen? What did he do to you?"

" I... don't want... to talk about it."

" Aw baby." He soothes. " Your getting all nervous aren't you? You don't have to tell me about it until your ready."

They hug and Vincent looks over to me. " see you at the Bodakai."

" Yeah see you at the whatever the heck your saying. "

As they leave I just hope I can heal in peace without any more commotion.


Nightwing said...

I wonder who else is going to turn up at this tournament thingy. Really, I'd love to see a Wonder Woman vs Powergirl fight.

Deathstroke said...

You flatter me far to much, have I really done that much harm to Little Cassandra? Poor thing and yet I haven't quite finished with her.

cooltopten said...

I Think there could be some interesting developments here :)

Kon-El said...

Night wing: that would be cool.Wait does Power girl count as my relative?

Deatstroke: creepy as ever I see.

Cool: yup always something at titans tower.